Antique furniture

Furniture has always been a key element in the interior of the house. Especially if she is beautiful and sophisticated. Modern products are practical and simple, meeting all the requirements of our crazy life. But

metal furniture

New technologies make it possible to manufacture both furniture and other household items from a wide variety of materials. This enables manufacturers to significantly reduce the price of products and make them bright and beautiful.

Artificial rattan garden furniture

Rattan furniture is gaining more and more popularity. Why did our people like this tropical liana so much? An important role here is played by the attractive appearance of this exotic material, which is also

Sliding wardrobes with sandblasted pattern

Sandblasting drawing on glass is a type of mechanical action on the surface using a high-pressure sprayer with fine grains of sand or other materials. Feature of sandblasting drawings The drawing on the glass of

Radial sliding wardrobes

Standard furniture of the «Soviet» type is gradually becoming a thing of the past, giving way to more advanced technologies. One of such novelties in the world of furniture are sliding wardrobes. These are the

Artificial rattan furniture

Today, perhaps the most popular and sought after is unique furniture woven from artificial rattan. Such furniture can be found both indoors and outdoors. The fiber that goes into the manufacture of such furniture is

Wooden furniture

Have you bought a new apartment, or just decided to change the interior of your home? Then it is best for you to purchase furniture made of wood. Today, stores offer a huge selection of

Built in furniture

Today, when every centimeter of an apartment is required to benefit its owner — a modern person who does not have time to look for something, or pile up small meters of living space with

Wrought iron furniture

From the first days, each of us strives to show our individuality in everything — in character, in taste preferences, in relationships. Each person is a unique, inimitable personality, and the first place where you

Wooden garden furniture

Not so long ago, cottages and country houses were intended exclusively for growing fruits and vegetables. Today, in addition to working on the garden plot, we want to relax in the country and invite guests