White bedroom furniture

White bedroom furniture

Without a doubt, the bedroom is the most intimate room in any home. After all, this is the place where we not only spend all the dark time of the day (and this, as you know, a third of our life), but also the first thing we see after waking up. If you want to get up every day on the «other foot» — make your boudoir as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Additionally, please note that we use the term «aesthetically pleasing» instead of «beautiful». After all, the concepts of beauty and style of the interior not only depend on the personal preferences of the owner of the apartment, but are also highly susceptible to fashion trends. At the same time, if in a common space (dining room, living room, kitchen) any, even the most controversial, finds of decorators are perceived easily and with humor, then in a room intended for relaxation, they can cause irritation and subconsciously worsen our mood. That is, fashionable design techniques have a place anywhere, but not in the bedroom. The boudoir is a corner where nothing should unnecessarily hold our gaze and distract our tired attention.

Bedroom interior with white furniture — the feeling of the sun even on a cloudy day

To answer the question of what the right bedroom should look like, let’s remember what we associate with a good start to the day. Surely, a picture of a sunny morning, fresh air, hot coffee surfaced in your head … These are the sensations that should be recreated as much as possible in the bedroom. Psychologists say that the lack of year-round bright sunlight is the reason for the increased depression of the inhabitants of our latitudes. Let’s fight this in the ways that are available to us! And the most stylish of these ways is glossy white bedroom furniture.

Interior design advantages of a bedroom with white glossy furniture

We have dealt with the psychological prerequisites. Now let’s look at the advantages of white bedroom furniture in terms of interior design:

  1. Very light shades allow you to make bulky pieces of furniture visually more elegant. This is especially true for the bedroom, the usual attributes of which are a double bed, wardrobe, dressing table, etc.
  2. The use of glossy and/or mirrored surfaces is traditionally the most well-known technique for «expanding the space», as well as for adding perspective to the room. In addition, due to the reflection from the surfaces in the room, there is a feeling of light and air even on cloudy days.
  3. White bedroom furniture is not a sentence to color addictions for the sake of psychological comfort, but a push into the unknown world of halftones and shades. After all, the white palette is quite voluminous and diverse. You can verify this for yourself, thanks to the diagram of the most popular samples below. It should be additionally noted that this and similar schemes will allow you to make the design of the room more interesting by arranging several halftones in one room. For example, cabinet furniture for a bedroom can be white in “snowy” shade, and decorative pillows and flooring can be in “seashell” shade.

Thus, white bedroom furniture is psychologically correct and aesthetically pleasing. Plus, it’s stylistically interesting. After all, it is the white color, as the basis of the foundations, that in different combinations behaves in completely different ways. This game is especially well traced if the interiors of the bedrooms are made up with white furniture and against the background of light walls.

So, taking light cabinet furniture as a basis and combining it with floral textiles, we get an interior in a romantic English style. We take light striped textiles made from natural fabrics — and now we have the minimalism of the Scandinavian style. We add candles in vintage candelabra, a heavy bedspread of complex texture — and enjoy the echoes of palace interiors. Play combinations — you will be surprised by the metamorphoses!

To sum up, white bedroom furniture is not boring. It is comfortable. And yet — light, optimistic and stylish.


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