Filament curtains

Filament curtains in the interior

Filament curtains in a modern interior are a non-standard solution for curtains on windows or doorways. This new design solution has become popular recently. Made using various materials, such as beads or glass beads, as well as filament curtains decorated with knots, they create an unusual and unique design in the interior of the premises.

After such curtains became popular in Europe, this innovation has come to us. The same filament curtains will look different, because it depends on how they are hung. Filament curtains will look very original in the interior of the kitchen, bedroom, living room, nursery. Filament curtains will look great in the interior of a small cafe or restaurant.

Advantages of filament curtains

  1. Filament curtains, depending on how they are hung, can not only serve as an original decor element of the room, but also shade its interior space. At the same time, free circulation of the air flow is ensured, which cannot be achieved using conventional curtains.
  2. You can make filament curtains both mono- and multi-color, it all depends solely on your imagination as a designer. The main thing is to find on sale the threads of those colors that are necessary to create the intended color scheme.
  3. Such a structure of products allows you to create filament curtains using various additional decorative elements: with beads, glass balls, butterflies and other elements. Filament curtains with beads look especially impressivewhen sunlight or weak electric light falls on them. If butterflies are glued to the filament curtains, then with each fluctuation of the threads under the influence of air currents, the illusion will be created that the insects are alive and are about to flutter their wings. When decorating a cafe or restaurant, you can use filament curtains with glass beads, which will create an atmosphere of comfort and romance, shimmering in the dim lighting of the hall with multi-colored lights.
  4. Rope thread curtains can be made from woven threads of various types, for example, boucle, lurex and others. The color range of these threads allows you to create an amazing combination of colors in one product. The structure of such a curtain is as follows: on top there is a whole-fabric braid, about fifteen centimeters wide, which, due to its strength, allows you to decorate any room with filament curtains by hanging them on a cornice of any shape and size. At present, it is very fashionable to use a cornice with rings, and it is absolutely easy to insert eyelets for rings into such a braid. Below this braid, the main fabric of the curtain made of woven threads is attached.
  5. Filament curtains can be of any color imaginable. In addition, they can be painted in a certain way, to create an intricate pattern. If you are tired of the pattern that the curtains originally had, then you yourself can change it by swapping individual fragments of filament curtains, which will help update not only the color scheme of the curtain, but also the atmosphere in the interior of the room.
  6. Rope thread curtains are universal. They are easily combined with ordinary textile curtains, light, openwork tulle or Roman blinds.

Recently, many designers began to hang filament curtains on the door, which not only decorate a certain part of the room, but also create the illusion of a cozy closed room, hiding the doors behind them. When decorating cafes and restaurants with filament curtains, you can achieve the original zoning of a large room. Rope filament curtains will look very impressive if they decorate a shop window.


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