Country style furniture

Country style furniture

«Country» in translation from English means «village». And it immediately becomes clear what exactly the country style is ready to offer us.

There are several versions of where this style originated. Many country music is strongly associated with America in the years of its intensive development, with the cowboys of the Wild West. Some believe that Scandinavian designers came up with this style, trying to create an interior that has simplicity and high environmental friendliness of materials. But the main thing is not who created this style, but that it exists and has a large number of fans around the world. And in our time, when we talk about country style, we mean most often a generalized image of village life, simple furniture that was available to rural residents. So furniture in Russian huts, in Swiss chalets, on American ranches, in English cottages, and even furniture in the Provence style can be called in one word — country. It’s just that each nation brings its own colorful features to interiors and furniture. And I think that in many villages of any country people do not even realize that the furniture in their house is made in country style, and they just live surrounded by those things that their grandparents used.

Country-style furniture has the following distinctive features:

  • massive and deliberately rough,
  • surfaces are rough, unpolished,
  • shades are usually light,
  • regular shape, classic
  • furniture is old or artificially aged,
  • the furniture is handmade or gives the impression that it is.

Usually for country-style interiors, wicker or wooden furniture is taken. In this style, you can decorate any room or the whole house. When choosing furniture, try to decide which country style appeals to you more. After all, having common characteristics, the furniture of different countries has its own differences. And remember that such furniture looks more advantageous in large rooms.

Country style kitchen furniture

If you want to design a country-style kitchen, then choose kitchen furniture so that the overall look of the kitchen gives the impression of simplicity, convenience and comfort. At the same time, it is not necessary to strive to buy a kitchen set. You can purchase items separately, the main thing is that they are combined with each other. Kitchen furniture should be made of solid wood, all modern equipment should be hidden behind cabinet doors. If the kitchen furniture is in the Provence country style, then it can be decorated with carvings or decor in the form of drawings, ornaments. Furniture in the style of English or American country, on the contrary, is simple, without decorations. The dining table is better to choose a large, wooden one. A slide or sideboard for dishes, as well as a small soft sofa or a wooden bench with pillows, would be appropriate.

country style nursery

Often country style is used for the interiors of a children’s room. This is explained by the fact that children’s furniture, like all country-style furniture, is made of solid wood, the use of chipboard and MDF is completely excluded here. Therefore, such furniture is the most durable and environmentally friendly. And this is perhaps the most important criteria in the selection of things for our children. Most often, country-style rooms are furnished for boys, as they are more impressed by simple and rough furniture than, for example, the sophisticated beauty of the classical style.

Cushioned furniture

Upholstered furniture in country style is a model of comfort and coziness. It seems that she asks just like that: sit on me, lie down, relax. Country beds are usually large, with a wooden headboard, sofas and armchairs have a classic shape and are very soft. Country furniture is upholstered in warm natural fabrics. The color can be any: stripes or large flowers, small polka dots or a cage.

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