Children’s wardrobes

Children's wardrobes

When decorating the interior of a children’s room, you need to try to ensure that the child has as much free space as possible for games. Therefore, the furniture must be reduced to a minimum, leaving a bed, a desk with a chair and a wardrobe. Bulky walls, cabinets and ordinary cabinets have already become obsolete due to their bulkiness, and the best solution would be a children’s wardrobe for clothes.

In addition to clothes, children’s closets will accommodate everything that a child uses: sports equipment, toys, musical instruments, and books. Thanks to the fact that you yourself will choose the location of the shelves and other nuances, you can create a wardrobe that is ideal for the needs of your child.

The sliding wardrobe gives the room a neat look; it can be placed even very close to the bed, because now you do not have to open the doors.

Corner wardrobe

Corner wardrobes in the nursery are a good idea for those rooms in which the corner is empty. And for an unused building niche, a built-in wardrobe in the nursery is suitable. By the way, when installing a wardrobe, you can save money if you use the floor instead of the bottom, and the wall of the room instead of the back wall. One has only to consider that a drywall wall is not suitable for this purpose, since the material of which it is composed is relatively soft and cannot withstand the load from the shelves.

You can also order a wardrobe with a mirrored door: even if the glass breaks, the child will not be able to get hurt, because a protective film is applied to the mirror. Mirrors will help make the room visually larger and lighter, you can apply patterns and images to them.

Sliding wardrobe with photo printing

Children’s wardrobes with photo printing will enliven any, even the most gray room. Moreover, the child himself can choose a drawing to his liking. So, a bright pattern with butterflies, even in an absolutely neutral room, makes it clear that a girl lives here. Most of all, children like sliding wardrobes, which depict the characters of their favorite cartoons.


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