Chandeliers modern

chandeliers modern

This interior style is bright, controversial and unusual. For some, it seems too pretentious and ridiculous, the rest are simply in love with the combination of incongruous things and bright accents. One of the most important moments when decorating a room in modern style is chandeliers. They are very simple or, on the contrary, intricate. The use of a variety of materials (bronze, nickel, crystal, wood, glass and metal) allows you to create an interior for a room of any size.

Modern chandeliers in the interior

As a rule, instead of bulky and heavy models with bronze and gilding, a forged frame and shades of the simplest form are increasingly being used. Most often, modern pendant chandeliers are made using floral motifs. Plafonds are made in the form of flower buds, intricate vines or loaches with leaves.

It was for the Art Nouveau hanging chandeliers that multi-colored glass shades were first used, which made it possible to bring rich shades into the atmosphere of the room. Regarding the location, it is safe to say that the room can be brightly flooded with light or immersed in light twilight.

Modern chandeliers for every room

The basic concept remains the same for all rooms, but the shape can be very different. Modern chandelier in the kitchen can be concise and almost invisible. It all depends on the design of the room and the shades used. Sometimes designers offer models with simple shades, almost transparent and hardly noticeable. If the room is quite spacious, the Art Nouveau chandelier in the kitchen takes on a different meaning: it may well become a highlight of the design. In this case, it is permissible to select even modern crystal chandeliers. At first glance, this may seem like a radical solution. Quite often, such lamps resemble a glass bouquet of flowers.

Modern chandeliers for the living room play almost the main role in the design of the room. It is necessary not only to choose the lamps, but also to correctly position them. Pay attention to models made of frosted glass with imitation of gold. Models with colored glass are suitable. A characteristic feature is the chic design of the shades.

Modern chandeliers for the bedroom can be made of copper, nickel, sometimes with chrome inserts. Plafonds are better to choose in gentle warm colors. It is good if the form resembles plant elements, a certain creature, or carries a semantic load. This style allows you to play with texture and different materials. Feel free to experiment and select the most bizarre and unusual lamps.


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