Chandeliers for stretch ceilings

chandeliers for stretch ceilings

For some reason, there is an opinion among the people that some special chandeliers are needed for stretch ceilings. Not certainly in that way. It’s just that it’s almost impossible to attach something to this type of ceiling. But still, there are several types of fasteners that allow you to install the lamp you like.

Let’s take a closer look at the mechanism for installing a chandelier on a stretch ceiling.

Fixing a chandelier to a stretch ceiling

Fixtures for chandeliers are different:

  • ceiling hook;
  • ceiling plank;
  • cross ceiling mount.

The first type of fastener is the most common and simple. It is installed as follows: a hook is attached to the main ceiling, then its reliability is checked by hanging a load of at least thirteen kilograms on it. Next is the wiring and installation of terminals on the wires. And after the completion of the preparatory work, the ceiling is stretched, a hole for the chandelier is cut out in it around the hook and a thermo-ring is glued.

The second type is standard for stretch ceilings. To do this, the center of the installation of the chandelier is first calculated, then a special thread is pulled, which is attached to the profile with a glazing bead. The cup of the chandelier is measured, as well as the length of the ceiling mount and, in accordance with the markings obtained, the beam is cut off. In order for your lamp not to stagger, the timber is made a little more than a cup. Then we measure the distance from the ceiling to the “lace” thread and fasten the timber exactly along it. The next stage is the tension of the ceiling, in which a hole is then cut and a thermo-ring is attached. The mount is already attached to the beam, and the ceiling is ready for hanging the chandelier.

The ceiling chandelier for the stretch ceiling is still attached to the cross type of the holder. It is designed for large and wide fixtures. The installation of this fastener is very similar to the previous method. Or special suspensions are used. The procedure for attaching a chandelier to a stretch ceiling is not easy, you cannot overcome it alone. If you somehow figure out the wiring, then you won’t be able to cope with the ceiling itself and the installation of the lamp. Moreover, it is required, as it were, to drown the chandelier in a stretch ceiling.

LED chandeliers for stretch ceilings

LED lighting is ideal for stretch ceilings, as they almost completely eliminate heating. On the plus side, they have a long lifespan, are easy to install, and have an energy-saving feature. The main disadvantage of such lamps is their high price, and LED lamps cannot be repaired.

Halogen chandeliers for stretch ceilings

Such lamps are very intolerant to pollution. Do not touch the flask even with clean hands, work only with gloves. The bulb of the LED lamp is very hot, and any smallest particles of dirt instantly turn black on its surface. Due to strong heating, try to avoid close contact of the lamp with a stretch ceiling and easily melted, non-heat-resistant objects.

Crystal chandeliers for stretch ceilings

In principle, you can use any type of chandelier for fastening to a stretch ceiling. Including with crystal elements in the decor. Experts recommend choosing lamps with a special inner rim for this purpose. And one more thing — pay attention to how close the lamps, especially incandescent lamps, are to the ceiling. Their strong heat can ruin your life. Therefore, the minimum distance from them to the ceiling should be twenty centimeters or more, and the maximum power should not exceed sixty watts. And the most successful location of the ceiling lamps on the lamp when they look down.


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