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Tiffany style, Jugendstil, Art Nouveau, Liberty, Secession, Spruce style — these are all names for the same style in different countries. It appeared at the end of the 19th century following the era of romanticism with the dominant eclecticism in architecture and interior design. Nowadays, it is best known as Art Nouveau.

Modern in the traditional sense is the inheritance of nature, the rejection of right angles in favor of curved lines, changeable, intricate shapes and asymmetry. This style relied on new building technologies at that time. The main thing was to single out each building, to make it individualized, not like the others, but so that all architectural solutions were subject to one general idea, one ornament (most often — floral).

Modern and furniture

The same principles were inherent in the design of interiors. classical Art Nouveau furniture has bizarre, but light and elegant forms. It shouldn’t be too bulky. The legs of the chairs resemble the stems of plants. In such an interior there is no place for flashy bright colors, sharp lines and sharp corners: everything here repeats the soft outlines of nature, although repetitions of geometric shapes are now allowed and often used. Modern upholstered furniture in Art Nouveau style is a combination of traditions and modern technologies, subordinated to comfort. It does not have to use expensive upholstery or rare materials, so it is available to everyone. The most high-quality and comfortable all over the world is considered Italian furniture in Art Nouveau style.

Cabinet Art Nouveau furniture is a combination of plasticity of forms and inexpensive materials. Glass inserts and stained-glass windows are often present in cabinets and sideboards; forged elements are used for chests of drawers, tables and shelves. Often there are inserts made of natural materials or their imitation.

Children’s Art Nouveau furniture allows you to choose from thousands of options. It can be modern solutions entirely built from hollow wooden cubes and best suited for an active boy, as well as classic modernist furniture with curved lines and floral ornaments for a sophisticated young lady.

Living room Art Nouveau furniture also adapts to any needs: it can be both elegant furniture made of expensive materials, and furniture of standard shapes using plastic. Kitchen furniture in modern style combines functionality, practicality and comfort. Made of natural wood with stained glass and stained glass, it will give any kitchen a rich and luxurious look.


Art Nouveau furniture gives you the opportunity to choose from a variety of options and satisfy any request, while having a wide range of prices.

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