Wall cabinet with corner cabinet


Wall cabinet with corner cabinet

Well-chosen furniture for the living room is the basis of a stylish and functional interior of this room. Gradually, everyone moved away from the bulky and not very capacious Soviet-style walls that were placed under the wall. Today, modular furniture is becoming increasingly popular, the elements of which are very convenient to arrange among themselves in the required order and in the most suitable place. For small rooms, a wall with corner modules can be an excellent solution. It is most advisable for small spaces to give preference to a corner cabinet, which will be both compact and roomy.

Living room walls with a corner cabinet — what to look for when choosing them?

Corner walls in the hall can be a real salvation for those who want to free up more space. They have the main feature — their spaciousness. Usually the corner in the room is used little, but in vain. The corner cabinet is made in the form of a triangle, the two sides of which are adjacent walls. Thus, due to its shape in the form of the letter «G», this wall element can be made to the depth that is required. Naturally, the deeper the closet, the more things you can fit in it.

Modular corner walls also include such elements as shelves, drawers, and a TV cabinet. Sometimes the TV is placed in the corner, and the furniture is on the sides of it. Sometimes this is advisable, but in most cases it is still better to occupy the corner with a closet, so more things can fit into the wall. You can install a wardrobe in one corner, and a TV in the other, if the size of the room allows it.

Features of corner cabinets

Most often, a cabinet installed in a corner includes shelves and drawers that can be made up to the ceiling. Rarely, clothes are stored in such walls; they are usually intended for other, purely household items.

The material from which the modules are made can be chosen by the customer. Naturally, the more expensive and better the material, the more expensive the cabinet will be. In addition, the furniture should match the style of the overall design of the living room. For the classics, a wooden cabinet or furniture made of MDF, chipboard is more suitable, decorative elements, such as carvings, will be good. For high-tech style, glass and metal inserts would be appropriate, for modern — laminated MDF.

As for the color scheme, it should match the tone of the walls and other furniture. Usually use different shades of brown, beige, gray, white and black.


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