solid wood bookcase


solid wood bookcase

A true admirer of literature knows that a book is a capital that only increases in value over time. Therefore, to store it, you need to purchase a suitable piece of furniture. It can be a hanging shelf, shelving or a solid bookcase.

Types of solid wood bookcases

If you have a spacious apartment or house, then opt for a solid wood floor bookcase. If necessary, a whole library can be made from such cabinets.

A bookcase made of natural wood is an indicator of the social status, taste and intelligence of the owner of the house. The noble and refined look of the solid wood bookcase will successfully emphasize the status of the people living here. Such a chic piece of furniture will create a feeling of coziness, peace and amazing comfort in your home. A stylish bookcase for storing books will be a real highlight in the interior of any room.

And although on the furniture market you can find many bookcases made of various materials, such as MDF, chipboard, metal, solid wood cabinet models are the most popular today. And this is well deserved, because in addition to beauty, such cabinets are highly reliable, they are resistant to damage, durable in operation and environmentally friendly. In addition, they are very easy to care for.

Fine quality bookcases are made from solid pine. They have a beautiful beige hue and are relatively inexpensive. A more expensive option is a solid oak bookcase. He looks impressive, he is strong and durable. The most expensive cabinets are those made of precious wood, such as mahogany. But such a bookcase model will serve you for decades, while maintaining its presentable appearance perfectly.

Solid wood bookcases are open, closed and even combined. They may have one or two doors. Swing doors are decorated with transparent or tinted glass, stained-glass windows.

Very convenient to use bookcase-compartment made of solid wood with sliding doors. You can choose a model with doors over one meter wide, which will allow you to open several book sections at once. A bookcase can be made built-in, which will make this design much cheaper. Yes, and it will look monolithic, without cracks and gaps between the walls.


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