Large corner sofas


large corner sofas

Corner sofas today are at the top of their popularity. Such furniture looks stylish, cozy and expensive, and also differs in spaciousness and functionality. And although the corner sofa is usually quite large, at the same time, it can be used to rationally use the corner in the room. Most often, such furniture is chosen for the living room, because it is comfortable to sit and sleep on it.

Large soft corner sofa: feature, transformation mechanisms

When choosing such a sofa, you need to remember that its dimensions are 150-180 cm wide and 230-280 cm long. Therefore, there is no need to burden a tiny room with such furniture, everything should be appropriate.

Before you buy a large corner sofa for the living room, you need to very carefully measure the place where it will be installed. In addition, it is necessary to finally decide on the corner in which the sofa will be located, because the corner furniture must fit exactly into the space allotted for it. A separate recommendation concerns the doorway: it should also be measured in advance in order to know for sure that the sofa will pass through the hall without problems.

Corner sofas can be very different: L- and U-shaped, square, rectangular and even in the form of a triangle. The most popular, of course, are large L-shaped corner sleeping sofas, which are easily transformed into a comfortable bed. The advantages of such furniture include the presence of a large box for linen, which occupies the entire side section of the sofa. According to their design, these pieces of furniture are as follows:

  • with the Eurobook mechanism, in which the lower part of the sofa rolls forward, and the upper part falls into its place;
  • with the «dolphin» mechanism, in which the retractable block is located under the seat and rolls out with one easy forward movement;
  • with an «accordion» mechanism, in which the sofa is stretched forward, creating a wide bed.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the choice of upholstery for the corner sofa. Of course, for an office, business environment, a large leather corner sofa would be the best choice, but for a home it is not very well suited. The skin will not give the living room an atmosphere of comfort and warmth, it exudes officiality. Therefore, for a home hall, it is better to choose a sofa with fabric upholstery. The main thing is not to save on fabrics and not to give preference to synthetic materials.

Large modular corner sofas

Large modular corner sofas are pieces of furniture that do not have a strict configuration. During the purchase process, you yourself can choose the necessary elements that will make up the design of the sofa, their size, appearance, docking options. For corner furniture, this will be a real salvation, because you can take into account the size and features of the place where the furniture will be located. Modules are usually different in shape and size, and together they create an excellent composition.

There are sectional modular sofas that have a more rigid design. Here we are talking about seat blocks that are firmly connected to each other. Fixation is made by the manufacturer, during the manufacture of furniture. Rearranging the modules in places at home will be very problematic. For those who like to experiment with interior design, the best option would be a convertible modular corner sofa, the parts of which are not rigidly fastened together. Such a sofa can be turned over with an angle either to the right or to the left, the modules are arranged in completely different ways at least every day. After a certain period of time, you can buy more modules for such furniture, and it will already look completely different. A large modular corner sofa designed specifically for creative people.


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