Large corner sofa


large corner sofa

The corner sofa has become quite popular in modern interiors. This is explained very simply: the corner is rarely actively used in the room, and a large sofa can fit perfectly there. In addition, a corner sofa can perfectly transform into a large bed, which is so important for one-room apartments or those houses where you have to sleep in the living room. This type of sofa can be seen today both in the hallway and in the kitchen, but it is most popular, of course, for living rooms. A large corner sofa in the living room can be used from a purely practical point of view, or it can play the role of an image decor element.

Features of corner sofas

It must be remembered that, on the one hand, a properly selected sofa can visually save space, but on the other hand, its impressive dimensions can also “steal” the necessary square meters. Therefore, you need to know about all the features of such furniture and rely on this knowledge when buying. Large corner sofas for the living room are distinguished, first of all, by their impressive size, and secondly, by their chic look. If the hall is large, you should not even think about buying such a piece of furniture. It will give the room warmth and comfort, it is quite possible to put it in front of the TV or by the fireplace. In general, a large room gives a lot of room for maneuver. For example, you can divide the living room into zones with a corner sofa. In a small room, you need to measure the place intended for the sofa, up to a centimeter. In this case, when he finds exactly his place, he will perfectly fit into the interior of the room and become its indispensable element.

Separately, it is necessary to mention the materials from which the sofa is made. First, we are talking about upholstery. For the home, upholstered furniture upholstered in fabric is most often purchased. Here it is better not to save and avoid synthetics. Leather large corner sofas are more suitable for an office setting, they look more formal and less comfortable. As for fillers, spring blocks and batting are good choices. It is better to give preference to a solid wood frame. You should also pay attention to the strength of the seams.

Design options for a large corner sofa bed

Many people buy corner sofas to their house precisely because of their transformation into a full-fledged double place. For the most part, corner sofas have an orthopedic structure, which has a very positive effect on the spine of a person who regularly sleeps on it.

There are several folding mechanisms for such sofas. One of the most popular, thanks to which the corner sofa becomes a large sleeping place, is the Eurobook. Here everything is thought out so that the lower part of the sofa moves forward, and the upper part unfolds and takes its place. This mechanism is reliable and easy to use. It is considered the most optimal choice for a child’s or parent’s bedroom, because everyday transformation requires a minimum of effort.

Another popular folding option is called the «dolphin». In this case, there is a retractable unit under the seat, which easily rolls forward with just one movement. Subject to the choice of a good quality model, this type of design can be considered the most reliable and optimal.

Slightly less popular are large corner sofas with an accordion transformation mechanism. Here the furniture unfolds like an accordion. The sofa smoothly stretches forward and turns into a comfortable and wide double bed. When installing an accordion sofa, you need to remember that there should be enough free space in front of it for transformation.


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