Hanging bookshelves with glass


hanging bookshelves with glass

If your home does not allow you to place a large bookcase in it, and you like to read and you have a lot of books, you can use such a piece of furniture as a hanging bookshelf. This beautiful aesthetic and functional interior element can be used both in a residential building and in an office space. And the prices for bookshelves are quite acceptable for people with any income.

Types of hanging bookshelves

Gone is the standard massive rectangular shelf. Modern models of bookshelves are a whole structure, which sometimes consists of two or three shelves, and sometimes there are many such cells. Today you can pick up any bookshelf in shape: it can be a rectangle, a circle, a ladder, and another non-standard shape.

Hinged bookshelves with glass are more suitable for the home, in offices open wall shelves for folders and other documents that are used very often are convenient to use. If you need to save space, you should use the corner hinged bookshelves. And all these models, if necessary, can be combined with shelving into a common furniture composition.

Bookshelves with glass, in addition to decorating the interior of the room, also perfectly cope with the task of protecting books from dust, which means that they prolong the life of your favorite printed publications.

Hanging bookshelves are mounted on the wall. You can put such a shelf on any surface, for example, on a chest of drawers. In some cases, the shelves can be stacked on top of each other, and you get a real bookcase.

An interesting design solution can be a wall-mounted bookshelf with glass in the living room or in the bedroom, in the nursery, in the office or even in the hallway. And such an original detail, perhaps, will make the interior of the room stylish and complete. However, do not forget that such a piece of furniture should fit perfectly into the interior of your room.

For the production of hanging bookshelves, various materials are used: metal, plastic, wood and glass. In accordance with the interior of the living room, for which the bookshelf is selected, it can look very impressive from glass or plastic, romantic from openwork metal, solid and respectable from solid wood: walnut, oak, beech, maple.

An illuminated bookshelf will help create an intimate atmosphere in the bedroom. A corner shelf hanging bookshelf is suitable for a small children’s room.

In addition to books, pots with indoor flowers, various figurines, photo frames, souvenirs and other decorative elements can be placed on the hanging shelves, which will make the atmosphere in the room warm and cozy. Such shelves made of tempered glass and decorated with backlight will look especially beautiful. Some collectors store their collections on such shelves with glass.

A hanging bookshelf is best mounted on a concrete or brick wall. If your wall is made of drywall, then you should not load such a shelf heavily, but you need to fasten it with the help of special dowels such as butterflies.


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