Corner walls in the room


Corner walls in the room

Modern design includes such a concept as comfortable, compact, roomy and, at the same time, stylish furniture. Interior manufacturers offer a wide variety of walls for things that can be installed not only in living rooms, but also in other rooms, such as parent and children’s bedrooms. Although, of course, this piece of furniture was and remains the most relevant for the hall. Many families face the problem of lack of square meters. Sometimes it is very difficult to solve it, and all that remains to be done is to try to correctly distribute the available space so that everyone in the house is cozy and comfortable. Corner furniture is designed specifically for small-sized dwellings, because it is roomy and compact.

Corner walls in the hall

Walls with corner elements are becoming the most popular for today’s living rooms. Most often, a cabinet is installed in the corner, the compartments of which can be used most functionally. Living room walls with a corner cabinet save a lot of space, and thanks to the depth of the cabinet, you can put a lot of things you need in everyday life there.

Most often, corner furniture is made to order. Of course, it will cost more than a ready-made version. However, the cabinet and other wall elements, ideally adapted to the dimensions of the hall, will be optimal for a small room. Therefore, it is worth considering: maybe it is advisable to pay once in order to have comfortable furniture for another year?

The most popular with modern designers are modular corner walls. The fact is that each module is already a finished product, which is perfectly combined with other elements and creates a harmonious ensemble. For example, a wardrobe, cabinet or shelf are modules. They can be placed where necessary, which is undoubtedly very convenient. Such a corner wall will definitely have a TV cabinet, which can be placed in the most suitable place. This is a corner or a place in the center of the wall — the choice is up to the designer of the room.

Corner walls-slides are gaining more and more popularity. This is such a rack, the base of which is wide, and the top is narrow. Thus, there are many more compartments at the bottom than at the top. Most often, these are open racks that are used for various purposes. There you can put books, decorative items, they are well suited for flowers in pots. Such a slide will fit perfectly into the corner of the room and will not take up much space. In addition, with the help of this piece of furniture it is good to divide the room into zones.

Use of corner walls in the bedroom

A corner wardrobe and other wall elements will be a great addition to bedroom interiors. In a small parent’s room, it is quite possible to put a spacious corner wardrobe instead of a large wardrobe.

The corner children’s wall is in great demand due to the small size of these rooms. Here the child must play, study and sleep, so the issue of saving space for parents is very acute. Furniture such as a corner wall helps with this. In it, the child can store clothes, personal items, toys, books.

For very young children, it is better to install corner mini-walls, which will have a small height. After all, the child should be able to independently get toys and other items that are stored there. The mini version can be used exclusively for arranging games, dolls and books, clothes can be stored, for example, in a chest of drawers. Children’s furniture should be made of high quality, safe materials. It is better to avoid plastic elements, as well as glass, which can break and injure the child.


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