Corner sofa-transformer


corner sofa transformer

Today, a transforming sofa is perhaps one of the most popular types of upholstered furniture. It brings a feeling of peace, coziness and comfort to the room. Allows you to relax and forget about all the problems and worries.

Due to the design of such a piece of furniture, consisting of various elements, it is possible to purchase a sofa in a right-hand or left-hand version. At your request, you can arrange a sofa from such modules specifically for your interior. In addition, with the help of a transforming corner sofa, if necessary, you can increase the number of beds in the living room, bedroom or even the kitchen, which is especially important in small apartments. And then the sudden arrival of guests will not be terrible for you. Almost all models of corner sofas are equipped with spacious drawers for linen, which is located under the seats.

Types of corner sofas-transformers

There are several types of transformation that are used in the production of transformer corner sofa beds.

  1. Sofa book — one of the most familiar and easy to use: the seat of the sofa must be lifted up until it clicks in the mechanism, and lowered down.
  2. sofa accordion It has three sections that fold out very easily. To do this, you need to pull forward on a special loop under the seat and a double backrest will decompose in its place. The sofa accordion is assembled in the reverse order: by lifting the seat, you need to slightly push it forward.
  3. Roll-out sofa-transformer known to everyone and easy to use. To unfold it, you need to pull the seat of the sofa forward and all the other parts of it will follow. To level the bed, it is necessary to lay the pillows that come with the sofa in the resulting space.
  4. Corner sofa eurobook — This is another type of comfortable sleeping place-transformer, consisting of two parts. It is very easy to disassemble: we put forward the seat and put the back in its place.

Any kind of corner sofa-transformer is very comfortable, does not take up much space. During the day it can be used as an ordinary sofa, and at night as a bed.


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