Corner sofa bed


corner sofa bed

Being engaged in the arrangement of your home, creating a cozy interior, you can not do without upholstered furniture. It is upholstered furniture that can create a unique atmosphere of comfort and peace. Therefore, not only the general appearance of the house, but also your mood will depend on the correct choice of such furniture. Currently, many interior designers recommend paying attention to corner sofas, especially folding ones. This is explained by the fact that this type of modern upholstered furniture not only saves space, but also replaces several separate pieces of furniture.

Folding corner sofa — what to look for when choosing?

Having made your choice in favor of a corner sofa, you thereby get the opportunity, first of all, to fill the so-called blind zones of the room by placing it (the sofa) in the corner. At the same time, a folding sofa is not only convenient, for example, for friendly gatherings, when unfolded, it can act as an additional, and rather big, bed. In addition, the designs of almost all sofas of this type provide for the presence of various kinds of storage boxes. Another nuance — if your room has a large enough footage, then a large folding corner sofa can perfectly cope with the role of an element of space zoning.

When choosing one or another model of a corner folding sofa, be sure to pay attention to the following points — the frame, the filler of the soft part, the material and quality of the upholstery and, of course, the folding mechanism.

The best option for the frame is solid wood, since the chipboard frame is short-lived and fragile. As a last resort, choose a model with a metal frame.

The following materials are currently used as a filler: polyurethane foam (the most common and fairly durable material; resistant to repeated pressure), periotek (bulk fabric with hypoallergenic properties), holofiber, latex is less commonly used. In addition, it is good if the sofa also has a spring block.

When choosing upholstery, be guided by the quality in which the sofa will most often be used. If you intend to use a corner sofa for daily sleep, then it is preferable to have soft-touch, but sufficiently wear-resistant materials (for example, chenille, flock, velor). In addition, tapestry and jacquard fabrics, courtisan (Teflon flock with water-repellent properties), as well as leather substitutes, eco-leather and the most expensive option — genuine leather are used as upholstery material.

And, perhaps, the most important point is the folding mechanism. Currently, the following mechanisms are the most common: French clamshell, accordion, click-clack system, step mechanism, eurobook, roll-out system and some other more specific, but rarely used. Before buying a corner sofa, be sure to try to expand it several times with one or another system and choose the one that suits you best.

Roll-out corner sofa

Currently, the roll-out mechanism can be considered the most reliable mechanism for unfolding sofas that undergo frequent transformation. This is due to the presence of a minimum of parts in the mechanism — the withdrawable part moves on wheels. Choose models with rubber wheels — they do not scratch the floor surface. It should be noted that some roll-out mechanisms have a «relax» position — convenient and useful for maximum relaxation and rest.

Taking into account all the nuances listed above, you can choose the most optimal option for a folding corner sofa.


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