corner shelf


corner shelf

Corner wall shelves are a great addition to your interior. They look especially good in classic design, although many models are designed for decorating rooms in modern styles. In addition, the practical significance of such shelves is also important: sometimes it is very convenient to place, for example, in the hallway a small shelf for storing keys, gloves, etc. So, let’s find out what corner shelves can be and what their appearance depends on.

Types of corner shelves

First, the shelves can be placed in different ways. They are wall and floor. Hanging shelves save your living space, while the floor-standing option is more suitable for spacious rooms.

Wall-mounted corner shelves differ from floor-mounted shelves in the classic way of fastening: they are fixed simultaneously on two adjacent walls using anchors or building dowels. Removable mounting on mounting hooks and brackets is also possible. Less common are modular shelves that can be arranged in tiers. If necessary, it is very easy to change the upper tier of such a shelf to the lower one.

As a rule, most corner shelves are open, but there are also options with closing doors or glazing. They are often referred to as pencil cases or corner cabinets, which does not prevent them from remaining essentially shelves.

Secondly, the purpose of the corner shelves is also different: they can be used for books and flowers, for TV or speakers, for candlesticks, cosmetics and various household trifles.

The classics of the genre are, of course, corner bookshelves. They are placed most often in the living room (less often — in the dining room or bedroom). A corner shelf for textbooks is a convenient type of furniture for a student. Its ideal location is above a writing or computer desk, which also has an angular shape. In addition to the teaching aids themselves, you can store notebooks, albums, disks there, and if the size allows, then even install on it the equipment that did not have enough space on the table (printer, speakers, table lamp, etc.).

Flowers in a living room, which is already overflowing with furniture and various trifles, are more of a luxury than a necessity. Each housewife tries to place her indoor plants so that they look advantageous in the interior and at the same time take up as little space as possible. In this context, a corner flower shelf would be just perfect. She will take her place in an empty corner and fill it with the charm of a shade-loving fern, begonia or dieffenbachia.

Kitchen shelves also have every right to be angular. Moreover, they help to significantly save space in a small kitchen, because they can accommodate any accessories, from dishes to kitchen trifles such as a set of knives or jars of spices.

Shelves in the bathroom are not so much a luxury as a vital necessity. After all, sometimes a bathroom of compact size simply does not imply the placement of any furniture there in principle. And you need to store numerous shampoos, gels and lotions somewhere. At the same time, it is better to hang the corner shelf directly above the bathroom itself, so that it is convenient to store bath accessories for the whole family there.

And finally, thirdly, the material from which the corner shelves are made is of great importance. His choice should be focused primarily on the design features of the room: a corner glass or plastic shelf for high-tech and minimalist styles, an unusual metal one for techno. And the classic wooden corner shelf will be perfect for country or classic.


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