Corner shelf for icons


corner shelf for icons

From time immemorial, our ancestors decorated their homes with icons. This tradition has survived to this day. Every Christian home has a place where an icon stands. As a rule, this is the corner of the room, which is visible immediately upon entering.

To place the faces of saints conveniently and beautifully, they use special corner shelves for icons. Today they can be purchased in special Orthodox shops. But if this is not possible, then something similar to a corner shelf for an icon can be found in any furniture store. In our article, we will tell you about what constitutes a failing place for a home altar.

What are corner shelves for icons?

Following the ancient Christian traditions for the manufacture of such shelves, modern craftsmen use good wood, such as ash, oak, linden, alder. The finished product is varnished.

Wooden corner shelves for icons are usually decorated with carvings with patterns and drawings in the Orthodox style or relief images from sheet metal. All this beauty emphasizes the importance of a place where a person can retire and pray to God. In addition, the corner shelf for the icon, made by hand with soul, will always fit into any interior with dignity and fill the house with positive energy.

Many believers like to create a real iconostasis in their home, where you can put all the necessary prayer books, a bible, candles, etc. For such a case, a two-tiered corner shelf for icons is suitable. They often have special stands for candles and lamps, which is very convenient. In addition, modern craftsmen are very skillfully able to decorate such wood products, turning the shelf into a real work of art.

But, despite this, it is not possible to place a corner floor for icons everywhere. So, for example, it is impossible for an icon to stand in front of a TV or a shelf with images hanging somewhere in a niche or closet. Therefore, choose an appropriate place for your home altar, and God bless you!


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