Corner chest of drawers


Corner chest of drawers

Interior space planning is a responsible mission. It is necessary to take into account a lot of criteria so that the interior looks like a single whole. In inept hands, even the most expensive and luxurious sofas, wardrobes, carpets will look ridiculous. A lot depends on the square footage of the apartment. When a room cannot boast of impressive dimensions, corner furniture comes to the rescue.

Variety of corner cabinets

Already in the name «chest of drawers» (translated from French means «comfortable»), the secret of its popularity lies. The ancestor of the product is the chest, which was very roomy, but not very convenient to use. Modern technologies and design tricks have made it possible to turn a chest of drawers not only into a convenient, but also a stylish thing. Hardware deserves special attention.

On the windows of furniture stores you can find products for every taste: luxurious corner chests of drawers for the bedroom, original wardrobes, outstanding corner chests of drawers for the living room. The angular shape is quite simple to install, while retaining all the functionality of a standard (rectangular) product. The internal filling is sometimes even more voluminous than that of the usual counterpart. The designers managed to create a roomy design with visually smaller dimensions.

The purpose of such a piece of furniture is quite extensive: you can store various things in it, clothes, small household appliances, documents, disks, and the like. It is convenient to put a corner chest of drawers in the hallway, you can leave keys on the top panel, grocery bags — this is a kind of universal stand. Corner chests of drawers for TV fit perfectly into the interior of the living room and halls. The area of ​​the top panel, strength and stability is quite enough even for a weighty device. Place a shelving or cabinet nearby. Instead of a TV, you can put a beautiful figurine or a flowerpot.

Corner chest of drawers: decide on color and design

When choosing a corner table-chest of drawers, you need to pay attention not only to its design, but also to the color of the product. For a living room in a classic style, natural colors in the form of dark walnut, mahogany are appropriate, a dark stained or wenge-colored corner chest of drawers looks spectacular. The furniture looks solid.

The Victorian style needs darker shades of wood, red is welcome in the Empire style. For a bedroom with a touch of French or Italian style, a corner chest of drawers with a mirror under a milky oak or an apple tree is indispensable. You can’t do without a mirror in this room, so why not combine it with a convenient chest of drawers?! Furniture in white, pear shade, light maple fits perfectly into the design of a «calm» bedroom. When the room is already equipped with furniture, complement it with a stylish corner chest of drawers for linen in the desired tone.

If you decide to furnish the kitchen, start from the dimensions of the room and the general mood of the apartment. In the case when the room is small, designers do not recommend «stealing» the space due to dark colors. In this case, corner elements cannot be excluded from the kitchen set, because in conditions where there is little space, each chest of drawers is an additional working area.

A nursery is a room where contrasting colors are welcome. If you decide to buy a corner cabinet or chest of drawers, it does not have to be the same color as the rest of the furniture. Let it become a bright accent.


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