Corner cabinet for kitchen


Corner cabinet for kitchen

Modern kitchens are most often small rooms, so every square centimeter must be used wisely. The sets are designed in such a way that they allow the hosts to cook with maximum comfort.

Features of kitchen cabinets

Paying attention to the layout of apartments, you most likely noticed that kitchens usually have one long and one short wall that opens onto the corridor. In such a room, you simply cannot do without L-shaped furniture. From the point of view of configuration, the most problematic is the corner zone. A competent approach to the problem guarantees the rational use of space, for example, install a corner wall cabinet for the kitchen.

The corner cabinet in the kitchen often has «unified» dimensions. The base varies between 100-120 mm. When ordering individually in the furniture store, you can specify any desired dimensions of the headset. The height of the finished cabinet in the store is 700 mm. If a corner cabinet-sink is installed in the kitchen, experts recommend making it slightly lower than the level of the working area. The height of the countertop is 20-40 mm. The indicator depends on the selected material and its structure.

Varieties of corner kitchen cabinets

A common solution is L-shaped bedside tables with two doors, working on the principle of trolleybus doors. The internal structure is clearly visible, the shelves are convenient for use. It is allowed to mount the carousel with a maximum rotational angle. You will save space.

It is very convenient to combine a corner cabinet with a sink. In Soviet-era apartments, the water supply network was located in the corner. In order not to bother with extending the pipes, you can simply mount the sink in the same corner. It is better to refuse the «carousel» system so as not to damage communications.

The corner floor cabinet for the kitchen of the attached type is not very functional. The door opens at a right angle, but the second part of the door does not. In this case, plumbing should not be located in a dead zone. In the event of a breakdown, it will be almost impossible for the master to work, for this reason it is better to install the sink in another place.

Corner cabinets for the kitchen in the form of a trapezoid are not always good. An illiterate choice of product will complicate access to objects located near the wall. In general, such a system is extremely capacious.

The corner zone is very easy to beat in a favorable light. The choice is yours. Remember that the kitchen is a room that should initially be comfortable, and only then original in terms of decor.


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