Books have been and remain faithful companions of man for hundreds of years. And although today, in the age of computerization of our entire life, print publications are gradually being replaced by various electronic gadgets, many people still prefer their favorite books in paper form.

Modern types of apartment design suggest an abundance of ideas for decorating an apartment with bookshelves. It can be both standard hinged shelves familiar to all of us, and completely unusual specimens, only remotely resembling a place to store books in their appearance.

Types of bookshelves in the interior

According to the location of the bookshelves are floor and wall. The first, as a rule, have rather large dimensions and are installed in spacious rooms — for example, in the living room. Such shelves are also suitable for studios where the living room or kitchen is combined with the dining room. One of the options for this type of furniture is the so-called book wall — a large, shallow cabinet that spans the entire wall, divided into several sections in height and width. It is convenient to use such a book wall as an element of space zoning. A pile of small shelves (most often modular) looks completely different, but no less impressive, just in the middle of the room — for example, near the sofa, armchairs, etc.

Wall shelves have their advantage: they do not take up as much space as floor shelves. But they can visually conceal space, so their placement should be considered taking into account the design of a particular room. Also note that the times when a hanging book shelf was just a long rectangular “box” are long gone. Today, furniture manufacturers surprise us with more and more unusual exclusive options. Among such products, corner or removable models can be noted, and the most unusual and at the same time very convenient option is a shelf with a seat, where you can comfortably read your favorite works.

You can arrange bookshelves in the interior of any room. The classic option is a library or an office where you can store both fiction and what you need for work. For connoisseurs of books, a large shelf in the living room will become a real decoration. And if you are the owner of a non-standard apartment design, pay attention to interesting ideas for decorating the kitchen, hallway and even the bathroom with bookshelves or racks.

A private house is a real find for bookworms. It is convenient to store books here on built-in shelves, say, under the stairs leading to the second or third floor, or in the attic, making it a cozy home library. You can also make bookshelves for it yourself, because special skills, except for the possession of carpentry tools, are not required here.

But in a small apartment it is more difficult to find a place for a shelf, a non-standard approach is needed here: for example, you can use glazed shelves built into a small sofa in the hallway, or arrange small bookcases in several rooms. Bookshelves also differ in their shape (from classic rectangular to fancy oval, round, tetris-shaped, etc.). The latter will look perfect in the interior in modern style. Also in trend now are the original bookshelves with inclined diagonal surfaces resembling a honeycomb.

The material for the shelves can be not only wood of different species or chipboard, but also metal, glass or plastic, made in various shades.

When purchasing a bookshelf, keep in mind that it should match the interior of your home in both style and color. Only then will it fit perfectly into the interior and become the subject of your pride.


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