In the modern world, books are increasingly replacing them with an electronic version. But not a single computer analogue can replace the pleasant feeling when you hold your favorite book in your hands, which has not yet lost the smell of typographic font. The bookcase, thanks to book connoisseurs, has not lost its significance, and, like any other furniture, is represented by the latest design developments.

Types of bookcases

Bookcases in the interior of the house, as a rule, fulfill their intended purpose, and besides, they are an adornment of any room, whether it is a nursery or a living room. The most important thing when placing such furniture is to take into account humidity and temperature, which greatly affect the safety of books.

Without exception, all models have one common detail, this is a bookshelf. If you have a large library, it is better to purchase a solid bookcase. You do not have to worry about the reliability of fasteners, besides, the designs have a beautiful appearance due to the decor and processing of wood with varnishes, waxes and various shades of paints.

Wenge furniture, including a bookcase, has become a fashionable African novelty. True wenge, embodying the spirit of the black continent, has taken a strong place in the classic style, and some designs are perfectly combined with various color shades of modern design. Since not everyone is able to purchase an expensive bookcase, the furniture market offers excellent quality wenge-colored fakes.

The most popular cabinet version of the bookcase.

But sometimes style, fashion or a banal need force you to make a choice of modular options.

Built-in bookcase, the feature of which is to be attached to the floor or the wall, will fit perfectly where it was not possible to put the case. In the niche of a small apartment, for example, a built-in sliding bookcase coupe will fit perfectly.

Everyone who has a large library in the house, the main role in it is assigned to the compartment bookcase. Its glass doors protect the books well from dust. At the same time, the place on the open shelves is occupied by the literary copies most in demand at the moment. Books on the shelves of compartment bookcases can be placed both in two rows and in one, which gives an excellent opportunity to easily find and get your favorite volume at any time.

People who strive for minimalism often buy a white bookcase. This is a very stylish furniture, which is mostly liked by the younger generation looking for non-standard modern design solutions. In addition, any decoration goes well with white, and looks solemn against its background.

Thinking through the decor for the children’s room, do not forget about such a piece of furniture as a children’s bookcase. Made to order, it is able to perform many other functions, such as storing linen and toys. An exclusive combination of shelves and drawers, collected in one composition, always turns out to be very original. It is best for children to choose a bookcase in light colors.

bookcase design

While maintaining style, you can successfully experiment with the design of a bookcase: striving to save space, divide it into parts, build a fireplace, bar, mirror or hiding place into it.

When buying a bookcase in the living room, it is advisable to combine open and closed shelves. In addition to books, open shelves can be decorated with various souvenirs or other items that create the design of the living room.

Today it is possible to buy not only a large bookcase that takes up space from floor to ceiling, but also a small but cozy bookcase-shelving that brings benefits in any room of the house.

An open bookcase, although it accumulates dust, is convenient because the right one is always at hand. By tradition, it is placed along the walls, and not only books are placed on its shelves.


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