white table

Very often, the interior of the room turns out to be too colorful, and choosing the color of the furniture turns into a rather difficult task. That is why many people are starting to use universal options that are suitable for almost any occasion. For example, a white wooden table looks great even in the most incredible setting, regardless of whether it is a classic interior or it is decorated in some new trendy style. And if for some reason you are not satisfied with furniture made of natural wood, then on the market there are a lot of items made of metal, plastic, chipboard or fiberboard, made in a wide variety of designs.

White tables in a modern interior

  1. Round white table. This option is suitable for a spacious room, where it will turn into the central subject of the entire exhibition. The diameter of such a table should be at least 90 cm, but if your family is large enough or you often receive guests, then it is better to immediately buy a model with sizes from 110 cm to 170 cm.
  2. Rectangular white table. A small square table with sides of 90×90 cm is suitable for a small family, it can be easily installed even in the smallest kitchenette. Such furniture, unlike round-shaped items, is more convenient to move into a corner, which is great for single people who are very cramped in living space.
  3. Oval white table. This form has a number of advantages in comparison with competitors. Such a table looks very original, it is more spacious than a round table and has no sharp corners, which is important for a family with kids.
  4. Corner white table. Triangular countertops look somewhat unusual. This form allows you to save a lot of space, but it is used more for the production of white writing or computer tables, for furniture in a children’s room. Also, a white triangular TV stand always looks good. In the kitchen, such furniture, despite its extremely original look, is suitable for a family of up to three people.

A universal option is to buy a sliding white table. The transformation mechanism will allow you to easily turn round furniture into oval, and square into rectangular. You can thus use all the advantages of each geometric shape at will. There are also folding tables, transforming tables that allow you to radically change their outlines. Decorated with classic carvings or gold patina, white tables are perfect for a classic style. But if you prefer hi-tech, then it is better to look for objects with a glass top or things of some futuristic shape.

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