The table has always been a very important piece of furniture; relatives and friends, work colleagues and festive companies gathered around him. Tables can be found square and rectangular, round and oval. But all these models are no longer so interesting. More and more buyers are looking for something more modern and at the same time functional. And such a novelty can be a table-cabinet.

Table-cabinet: options

There are several options for using cabinet tables, depending on their purpose.

  1. In the people, a folding table-cabinet is also called a book, because it really develops like a book closes. A table-cabinet will be a very good option for those who want to save free space. After all, it takes up much less space than a regular table. This piece of compact furniture is perfect for a small room. In the folded state, on a narrow table-cabinet, for example, indoor flowers can stand. And with the arrival of guests, the cabinet turns into a decent-sized table, at which up to ten people can sit.
  2. You can put such a table-cabinet in the kitchen or in the dining area, in the living room or even in the nursery. And everywhere he will be distinguished by convenience and comfort. Often such a table-cabinet is made on wheels, and then it gets another advantage — ease of movement throughout the apartment. Such modest, but refined furniture is quite durable and will serve you for more than one year.

  3. A kitchen table-cabinet with drawers is a very convenient piece of furniture. It can serve as a place to eat, be used as a cutting table. Its drawers can store dishes and other kitchen utensils. The drawers, equipped with special rollers, are very easy to pull out. Moreover, you can buy a table-cabinet with drawers of different sizes. The upper ones, smaller in size, will be designed to store spoons and forks, and the lower ones, large ones, in which, for example, there will be dishes.
  4. A corner desk with a cabinet will effectively help organize the workspace. Some models of such tables are available with two cabinets located at the edges of the table. You can purchase a desk with a hanging pedestal, which has three drawers. These desks are suitable for both office and home use.
  5. In the age of universal computerization, one cannot do without a computer desk with a cabinet. They have many varieties, are made of wood, MDF, chipboard, glass. A roll-out cabinet under the table can be used as an additional table for office equipment, or, for lack of extra free space, it can stand under the table. In such a cabinet there can be three or four drawers for storing various stationery. A computer desk can be placed in the office, in the nursery. It is also intended for offices.
  6. Cabinet-table-bed is an interesting version of folding multifunctional furniture. When assembled, such a pedestal takes up very little space and can be transported thanks to special slots in its walls. To get a table, you need to install the front panel horizontally and fix it with telescopic supports. Inside the nightstand is placed a folded folding bed with a foam mattress, which is pushed forward, and you get a single place to relax.
  7. The multifunctional cabinet model can serve as a TV stand, coffee table or bedside table. In such a cabinet there are several compartments for storing books, magazines, various decor items and more. The stylish design of such a table-cabinet and the spectacular colors of wenge, milky oak will make this piece of furniture an adornment of any interior.


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