In modern conditions of urban life, many of us have to deal with the fact that in apartments there is sorely not enough space for something. This may be due to the fact that too large a family does not yet have the opportunity to expand the living space. Well, in a one-room apartment, the problem of free space rises as sharply as possible. A variety of transforming furniture comes to our aid.

Sleeping sofa-transformer

The most common furniture options are when the sofa can be folded out at night, turning into a comfortable bed. Such a sofa-transformer can be an excellent solution for a small apartment, where there is simply not enough space for a separate bedroom. There are several types of folding sofas:

  1. Hypertransformers. They are also called modular transforming sofas; in such sofas, almost everything is bent, removed and unfolded, and some planes even rotate. Such a piece of furniture can be used in several different interior solutions, depending on the need: as a bed, sofa, bench or armchair.
  2. Book. For such sofas, the seat extends about half, and the back leans back. This mechanism is one of the oldest and most reliable. According to this principle, many sofas are still laid out, for example, round transforming sofas.
  3. Sofa-transformer «eurobook». An improved version of the previous folding mechanism. A fairly simple and convenient way to unfold this sofa allows you to use it for a long time without any serious damage. When unfolding the “Eurobook”, the seat of the sofa is pushed forward, and the pillows are placed on the resulting space, forming a single sleeping place. These sofas usually have a drawer where you can put away bedding during the day.
  4. Accordion. It is based on the fact that the «accordion» into which the bed is folded forms the seat of the sofa during the day, and at night it is enough just to slightly pull it forward to expand it into a full-fledged bed.
  5. Cot. The mechanism for unfolding the sofa is under the seat. This method is the most expensive, but also universally recognized as the most reliable, so if you are looking for an option for daily use, it is better to stay on it.

Transformer sofas can be of different sizes, lengths and widths, depending on the purpose for which it is used. For example, in a nursery you can safely purchase a single transforming sofa, while for a couple or in a guest room, of course, you need a double transforming sofa, spacious enough for two people.

Other types of sofas-transformers

But sofas can be paired with more than just beds. Modern furniture designers offer other functional options for the neighborhood of different-purpose furniture. For example, now in stores you can find transforming sofas-wardrobes, which during the day look like a wall or a closet with small shelves on the sides and a sofa located between these shelves, and at night the middle part of this cabinet leans back, forming a spacious and comfortable sleeping place, under which the back of the sofa is folded.

Also, the sofa can be combined with an armchair (chair-sofa-transformer) or a banquette, have a table attached to it and additional shelves attached to the back or located inside the sofa structure. All this makes the sofa not only a comfortable place to relax, but also a very functional storage of various things that are needed from time to time, and not daily.


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