Sofa bed transformer


Sofa bed transformer

Of the variety of types of furniture, the most popular, without exaggeration, are sofas, and especially sofas transformers. And there is nothing surprising in this. After all, one sofa can combine several functions at once.

Furniture transformer — sofa bed

First of all, it should be noted that a multifunctional sofa transformer is the most practical option for upholstered furniture for small apartments, where literally every centimeter counts. It is also a great option for a compact bed for a child’s room. What is its advantage over other types of upholstered furniture? Let’s figure it out in order. The transformer sofa assumes in its design one or another type of folding mechanism, thanks to which it (the sofa) can be transformed into a fairly comfortable bed without much effort. But, and this is important! — before choosing one or another sofa model, pay attention to some nuances that will help you make the most correct choice and not be disappointed by a not entirely successful purchase.

When choosing a sofa transformer, you should consider …

All types of mechanisms for folding sofas, depending on the location of the bed, can be divided into two groups:

  • the bed after unfolding the sofa is located along its back;
  • the bed is located perpendicular to the back of the sofa.

Therefore, if you do not have enough free space in the room, the best choice is a sofa from the first group (more compact when unfolded). And the most reliable in this category are sofas with the Eurobook mechanism. The principle of its transformation is simple and does not require much effort — the seat is pushed forward, and the backrest is lowered to a horizontal position. Thus, the convertible sofa turns into a fairly wide double bed. Sofas of this type can also have a “dolphin”, “click-clack” and traditional “book” folding system.

In sofas that unfold perpendicular to the back, the following systems are used: “French folding bed” (mixotual), accordion, “Spartacus” (the latest development of Italian furniture makers; sofas with such a system are especially convenient for tall people).

When choosing a transformer sofa, you should also pay attention to the quality of the upholstery fabric, the filling of the soft part, the presence of a linen box for storing bedding. Your comfort and the service life of the sofa will largely depend on how high the quality characteristics of these indicators are.

Sofas transformers of a special design

If you have a very limited area or the room is narrow enough and it is not possible to squeeze in even the smallest sofa, do not despair! The furniture market offers to solve this problem with the help of the same transformer sofa, but if necessary, it folds out into a bunk bed. The design is equipped with a ladder built into the frame, which serves both as a support and as a reliable barrier. What is especially important, the reliability of the folding mechanism in sofas of this type is guaranteed by a specially designed protective system against spontaneous movement.

And another option for arranging upholstered furniture in a very limited area is a convertible folding sofa bed. The practicality of such furniture in cramped conditions is difficult to overestimate. When assembled, it is a neat small sofa, and a sleeping place in the form of a mattress on a special frame is hidden in a wall niche. In addition, to make the process of unfolding this type of sofa as easy as possible, the design can be equipped with a special motorized mechanism and a remote control.


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