small kitchen tables


small kitchen tables

Alas, a small kitchen is not such a rarity even in modern homes.

Therefore, the problem of organizing a comfortable dining area in such kitchens arises. In such situations, interior designers recommend paying attention to small kitchen tables.

Which table to choose?

It should immediately be noted that the choice of a table will largely depend on the quantitative composition of the family, on the intended location of its location, of course, on the footage of the kitchen — the smaller the room, the more non-standard the approach to choosing a table should be. First of all, pay attention to the most ergonomic small round kitchen tables in this case. Deprived of corners, such tables seem to smooth out the space. Small oval kitchen tables can also be attributed to this category. Moreover, the more elegant the oval table is, the less space it takes. Especially in this regard, tables made of special tempered glass are relevant.

An interesting option for organizing a dining area can be the use of a folding table. And not only in its usual form of a table-pedestal, when the table increases due to the rising sidewalls. And, for example, a small folding kitchen table in the form of those that we have seen more than once on trains. Such a table will perfectly fit into the interior of even the smallest kitchen. Indeed, when folded, it is just a slightly protruding part of the wall, but by expanding it, you can get an overall dining table. Often such tables are made to order, as a folding part of the window sill.

Another very interesting option for a small-sized kitchen table for a very limited space is the so-called bistro table. The model of such a table, which has a high chrome-plated base leg and a glass transparent tabletop, will fit most effectively and efficiently into the interior of a tiny kitchen. High bar stools will be a good addition to the bistro table.

A comfortable dining area can also be organized using a small transformer kitchen table, for example, a triangular one. It can be placed without any problems in a free corner (corners, as a rule, are a blind zone in rooms), which will save a lot of space, and, if necessary, expand it into a full-fledged dining table. You can find a version of the transformer table, where the sidewalls are pulled out from under the main table top or simply folded on the sides.

And, of course, you can’t discount small extendable kitchen tables, which are enlarged by a sliding middle part and an insert panel.


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