Sliding table-transformer


Sliding table-transformer

Using an extendable transforming table is a convenient solution for small spaces, when it is not possible to put a large table for many people, but still you sometimes want to gather numerous companies at home.

Sliding table systems

There are many systems for sliding dining tables-transformers. Their mechanisms can be simple and complex, sometimes a table can have several layout options at once, from the most compact to the most voluminous. Until now, almost all tables are laid out mechanically, although electric drives have recently begun to appear in elite models, which allow you to press just one button and watch from the side how a small table for several people turns into a large one. However, most folding tables use one of the systems listed below.

The most common is when the table leaves are moved apart from the center with the help of guides, and an additional part extends from below, taking up space in the center, thus increasing the total surface of the table.

Another option is a book-like layout, when two identical hinged table leaves lie on top of each other, forming a table top. At the right moment, they open, and we get a large tabletop, and the support is fixed in the center with the help of a special mechanism.

Another option is associated with the extension of the table support frame. It shifts to the side and an additional part of the countertop is placed on the resulting space.

And finally, the last option: the sashes move strongly to the sides, for this additional support legs were invented, and one or more table parts are placed in the middle part. This method allows you to maximize the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe countertop.

What are transforming tables made of?

Modern furniture production offers us the widest selection of transforming tables from various materials. The most popular are wooden sliding tables and tables made from recycled wood. Options made of artificial stone or with a tiled countertop look very presentable. Tables made of transparent and colored glass look light and airy, while plastic models look ergonomic and modern.


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