Sliding glass tables for the kitchen


Sliding glass tables for the kitchen

A table with a glass top is good because, for all its airiness and apparent weightlessness, it turns out to be quite practical and quite reliable. In particular, kitchen glass sliding tables can easily become full-fledged dining tables for a large feast; on a typical day, they take up very little space and do not clutter up the kitchen due to glass.

Sliding table with glass top — its pros and cons

First of all, let’s deal with the strengths and weaknesses of such furniture. After all, not always a beautiful aesthetic appearance satisfies all the requirements of the buyer.

Among the obvious advantages, the following qualities can be noted:

  • first of all, this is its design, because such furniture clearly outperforms standard chipboard or MDF in terms of external characteristics;
  • most often, the folding mechanism is so well thought out that a compact table turns into a full-fledged dining table, while the tabletop area sometimes doubles or even more;
  • glass is one of the most commonly used materials in kitchen design today, and therefore sliding glass tables for the kitchen can easily complement stylish hobs, glass panels for walls or a kitchen facade;
  • do not be afraid that special tempered glass will crack or break so easily, because it will easily endure temperature drops and shocks;
  • you don’t have to worry about constant contact with water and detergents, fungus or mold this time will also not bother you.

But this type of furniture also has some weaknesses, which can become an obstacle when choosing in their favor. The disadvantages of a sliding table with glass include the following characteristics:

  • as on a shiny metal surface, all fingerprints and streaks are visible to the naked eye;
  • some housewives talk about the so-called coldness of the glass and the desire to cover it with a tablecloth: for many, the kitchen is associated with warmth and wood, and therefore this option is not yet so common;
  • many argue that sitting behind a completely transparent surface and seeing your legs is somewhat uncomfortable, but this is a matter of taste, and no one has canceled models with a matte finish either;
  • many advise choosing models with a wooden frame and a glass insert if there are children in the house.

Kitchen glass sliding tables: selection criteria

So, the choice in favor of glass is made. Now it’s time to decide on the model. So we will go step by step according to the following list.

  1. First and foremost — you should never save on furniture that will be actively used daily. If against the general background you find a very attractive price, about half the average on the market, it is better to pass by. In such a case, it is worth giving preference to well-known world manufacturers.
  2. In the store, any table looks very attractive, but will it fit into the design of your kitchen, its dimensions and shape. A stylish glass sliding oval table in a tiny square kitchen is not the best solution, but in a rectangular standard size it will take root quite well.
  3. Don’t just focus on inspecting the glass part, carefully consider the fittings and the quality of all fasteners. If you notice tiny bubbles inside the glass, this is not a design, but a clearly poor quality table.
  4. If there are children in the house, your option is a glass sliding oval or round table with a wooden frame.
  5. Like a bed or mattress, a table should also be tested. Of course, the consultant will demonstrate everything to you without any problems, but it is also important to assess the state of affairs yourself.
  6. Be sure to pay attention to how all materials are joined together in sliding glass tables for the kitchen. It’s good if this is an adhesive option, in other cases it’s a good idea to check the presence of a seal and the accuracy of fitting all parts.


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