sliding glass dining tables

A sliding glass dining table is a beautiful and functional piece of furniture that will decorate both the kitchen and the living room.

Advantages of glass sliding tables

Dining sliding tables with glass will perfectly fit into almost any interior of the room, as well as give it airiness and lightness. Transparent glass tabletops are very beautiful, combined with any color scheme of the room, and colored ones bring bright notes and necessary accents.

Kitchen dining sliding tables can be made from a combination of glass and metal, wood, artificial stone and even plastic. And each material makes the glass surface sparkle in a new way. In addition, do not forget about the advantages of transforming tables, which in a matter of moments turn from small and comfortable kitchen tables for a small family into large ones, sometimes for 10-12 people. The tabletop area of ​​such a transformer can almost double, allowing you to place a large number of treats and appliances. This is very convenient, especially if there is a tradition in the house to gather for festive feasts with relatives and friends. The glass sliding table will fit well both in the urban interior and in the atmosphere of a country house.

How to care for a glass table?

A glass countertop needs some special care to keep it looking its best. Firstly, although such tables are usually made of tempered glass, it is still worth placing plates and cups on special napkins or mats to avoid scratches. Such furniture should be kept only in heated and warm rooms. This is worth considering if you want to purchase a glass table in a country house in which you do not permanently live. To remove stains and other dirt from the surface of the table, you need a special glass care product or plain water, but in no case should you use abrasive cleaners or hard brushes and sponges. You can also purchase a special rubber-based glass cloth that will not leave streaks. This acquisition will also be useful because, unlike other countertops, even the slightest contamination, such as a fingerprint, is noticeable on the glass surface.

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