Round Extendable Dining Table


Round Extendable Dining Table

The round extendable dining table symbolizes the equality of all members of the meal and creates a friendly, warm, family atmosphere in the room. When folded, it can be useful for the daily needs of the family, but if guests have come, the tabletop area can be easily increased with a couple of movements, and it is convenient to seat everyone.

Round table in the interior

Of course, for small rooms, a round table is not the best solution, because it is quite bulky. In addition, if we talk about folding models, you need to keep in mind the place in order to push the table. Best of all, sliding round transforming tables fit into large rooms, for example, living rooms or dining rooms; such a table can be placed in a country house. Various ways of transforming some tables help to achieve a wide variety of configurations and intermediate sizes between a fully assembled and fully disassembled state.

Wooden round sliding tables are the most popular. They look very rich, fit into almost any interior, often decorated with carvings and chiseled details. All this, together with the noble structure of the wood, creates a look of expensive and unique furniture. Such tables are positioned already at the time of sale as a future family heirloom, which will be passed down with trepidation, and at which many generations of one family will gather together.

In no way inferior to wooden tables and white round sliding tables. Due to their color, they fit perfectly into any interior, always look clean and noble, and also have an unusually light and airy appearance. You can’t immediately say that the tabletop of such a table can almost double in size after a couple of light movements.

sliding mechanism

When choosing a round sliding table, special attention should be paid to the operation of the sliding mechanism. This is especially true for models with several possible disassembly options, since they involve quite complex layout schemes. Such a mechanism should be easy to understand and consistent, and in no case should it stick. His work should be smooth, smooth and easy, and disassembly should be within the power of even the hostess of the house. Recently, some elite models of tables have begun to integrate electric drives for assembly and disassembly, which allows you to quickly assemble and disassemble the table without any effort and unnecessary movements.


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