pouffe bed


pouffe bed

Furniture transformers have ceased to be a rarity in our interior since the end of the last century: sofas, armchairs and even tables can easily be transformed into a sleeping place and become more comfortable and ergonomic with the development of new technologies. One of the modern solutions for small apartments are pouffe beds — beautiful and very easy to use.

Pouffe bed transformer

Functional and compact pouffes, which can turn into a bed in a matter of seconds, have become everyone’s favorites relatively recently. Furniture designers, in pursuit of preserving valuable square meters, have developed this comfortable resting place from environmentally friendly materials, ensuring not only the safety of your health, but also cost savings, since such puffs are durable and retain their elasticity no worse than modern springless mattresses.

The design of folding pouffes-beds is extremely simple. As a rule, the pouffe is divided into three or more segments, which can be assembled, overlapping each other, forming a cube, and covered with a cover. If necessary, just remove the cover and unfold the pouffe so that you get a soft mattress.

A slightly more original design of poufs, divided into 4 triangles. A pair of such poufs in the unfolded state can become a one-and-a-half bed, and when folded — an armchair.

Armchair-bed with pouffe

In addition to the transforming pouffe, there are chairs that can fold out into a single bed. In this case, the pouffe, which is attached to the chair, is a direct addition to the dimensions of the future bed, increasing its length. Thus, regardless of whether the back of the chair reclines or remains in place, thanks to the pouffe, we will get a full-size bed designed for one.


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