Metal shoe rack


Metal shoe rack

If you have a large family or guests often come, then you just need a shoe rack to keep order in the hallway. Its appearance and the material from which the shelf is made will depend on the overall design of your hallway. Such a stand can be used in an apartment, in a country house and even in the office.

Stands for shoes are open, they are also called shelves for shoes. Closed coasters with doors are sometimes called dressers or shoe cabinets. You can choose a shoe stand with a seat, called a bench, or with drawers for storing various shoe accessories: brushes, creams, etc. Plastic, wood, metal are used to make coasters.

Metal shoe rack

Most often, metal coasters for shoes are open. Such coasters can consist of two to four shelves on which you can store everyday shoes. Depending on the distance between the shelves, only summer shoes can stand on such a stand. There are models of metal shoe stands that allow you to store high boots, ankle boots, etc.

A metal shoe rack with a seat is very convenient for a small hallway: it will be much more convenient for you to put on your shoes while sitting on it. The metal frame in such stands is chrome-plated or painted with special powder paints. Some models of metal stands have an anti-corrosion coating. The seat in them can be made of leatherette, flock or even genuine leather.

A metal shoe rack takes up very little space in the hallway compared to a bulky closet. A forged metal stand not only serves as a wonderful decoration of the room, but also allows you to conveniently and properly store shoes.

Metal coasters for shoes are practical, durable, durable and attractive in appearance.


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