MDF facades


MDF facades

Of course, every housewife tries to equip her kitchen in the best possible way, with the help of high-quality, comfortable and original interior items.

That is why in our time furniture made using different types of MDF facades is especially popular. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that the material from which such surfaces are made is very similar in quality to natural wood, while being much cheaper.

A large selection of models, MDF facades allows you to choose for yourself the best option for creating your own unique interior. In addition, additional coatings pleasantly surprise with their functional and aesthetic qualities. Therefore, they are widely used in the interiors of houses, apartments, offices and shops. You will learn more about the qualities and varieties of this material in our article.

Properties of MDF facades

The composition of the material from which the decorative surfaces of kitchen furniture are formed includes wood fiber and a binder of natural origin. Therefore, MDF facades are more environmentally friendly and safe, unlike chipboard. The thickness of the plates used is 16-19 mm, so they are strong enough, durable, and can last about 10-12 years. However, it is not worth checking the quality of the product by force.

MDF facades for the kitchen are safe for health, they are not exposed to fungus and various microorganisms, therefore they are considered a hygienic and very practical material.

MDF surface is resistant to mechanical stress, thanks to several layers of paints and varnishes that cover them. Coatings made of PVC, plastic, enamel or veneer also perform a protective function. Therefore, painted furniture facades made of MDF do not swell after contact with water and are not “afraid” of all kinds of kitchen fumes, which is superior to natural wood. By installing such furniture in the kitchen, you can be sure that after exposure to high temperatures, the surface will not deform and will not begin to swell or warp.

MDF facades for the kitchen

Such a decorative surface can be smooth or radiused, matte or glossy, in a variety of textures and colors, which allows you to satisfy the desires of even the most demanding customers. Matte, shiny glossy MDF facades, decorated with sparkles, mother-of-pearl or a pattern, decorated in wood, metal or stone, will emphasize the uniqueness of any interior and the excellent taste of the hostess of the kitchen.

3d MDF facades for cabinets with embossed milling patterns also look attractive. The realism and unusual appearance of such a kitchen fascinates with its extraordinary geometric patterns, the alternation of smooth and clear lines.

The widest color range of MDF facades of kitchen furniture pleasantly surprises. These can be shades of bright red, yellow, orange, which express the whole dynamics of the interior, making it more juicy and rich. Lighter and lighter colors of MDF facades, for example, delicate lilac, lilac, pink, blue tones, create a pleasant atmosphere of coziness, warmth and comfort in the kitchen.

Today, decorative furniture for the kitchen with a platinum-colored MDF facade is very popular. This is a real embodiment of elegance, luxury and elegance of style.

Thanks to modern technologies, manufacturers of decorative elements of kitchen furniture can create real photo masterpieces on the surfaces of cabinets and cabinets. So, for example, a dull white MDF facade can be revived by a photorealistic picture or a favorite photo.


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