Loft bed with sofa

Each of us more than once had the idea of ​​how you can diversify or simply make some changes to the interior of your home. But we can only place furniture on the floor. And in fact, do not cling to the walls and the ceiling! Although the idea is not so meaningless. Such furniture that saves space and is multifunctional (built-in, modifiable, unfolding) is gaining more and more popularity today. And this is not at all surprising. After all, it attracts not only with its aesthetic appearance, but also with its practicality and ease of use. A loft bed with a sofa is exactly what will help to realize this plan. The bed itself, or rather its design, is designed to save room space. These beds are made mainly as children’s beds, but there are options for adults.

Loft bunk bed with sofa

In the classic version, such a bed is a design with high legs.

So, you can consider several variations of such a bed, for example, children’s loft beds with a sofa. These are universal products that combine the playing and sleeping areas. They are sure to please kids of all ages.

One of the popular options for such a children’s bed is a model with a play area on the first tier. Such models usually have one bed (but there are variations). On the first tier, in this case, there is a small sofa, a car interior, a tent. And on the second — a sleeping place in the form of a house. If it is made of wood, then from the side such a bed looks very natural and harmonious. Another option is a bed with a slide. The advantages of such a bed are that the child can easily, and most importantly safely, be able to go down from the second floor at any time. And in the cold season, such a bed will replace the playground for your child. Variations can be designs with ropes, ladders or obstacles.

Also, one of the frequent models of such beds is a loft bed with a working area, where there is a desk on the first tier, and a sleeping place on the second.

More recently, sofa bed transformers have also appeared. They make it possible to easily turn one bed into two (their arrangement is perpendicular to each other).

It is also worth paying attention to the usual models that are designed for two children. Usually, they go with a wardrobe, shelf, drawers in the form of steps, tables or chests of drawers. That is, they maximize the functionality and integrity of space and design, create a cozy atmosphere for children in the room.

Bed loft under the sofa — advantages

One of the main advantages of such a bed is that, having orthopedic functions, it equips your apartment with a full-fledged sleeping place and at the same time surpasses ordinary single beds in rationality and practicality. It saves much more space in the house (especially if it is a one-room apartment or a small family room where a large family lives). Loft beds are most often created for children, so they have an interesting design and can easily fall in love with your baby. Such products are very durable and safe, they are made from high-quality, non-toxic and safe materials and are equipped with strong and reliable mechanisms, which are confirmed by the relevant certificates. In any case, such a bed can fall in love with anyone and will become an indispensable part of the interior in every home.

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