Kitchen wooden tables


Kitchen wooden tables

The table plays a very important role in the kitchen, because so much depends on it. Firstly, how many people can fit behind it, secondly, how much space it will take and, thirdly, how well it will fit into the overall interior. It is very important to understand what material this piece of furniture will be made of, because this affects its functionality and appearance. Wooden furniture will always be in trend, so it is often the right decision to choose a kitchen table from this material.

Kitchen tables made of wood: features of shape and design

The first thing to understand when choosing a table for the kitchen is where will it stand? After all, its shape will depend on it. For example, if the wooden kitchen table will be in a corner or close to a wall, it is best to choose a square or rectangular model to save as much space as possible. If the size of the kitchen allows, and the table will stand in the center, then it is advisable to choose from wooden oval kitchen tables that look very elegant and can accommodate a large number of people. In addition, the absence of right angles will make the interior of the kitchen softer and more homely.

It is very convenient to have a kitchen wooden folding table in the house, which in everyday life will take up a minimum of space, and with the arrival of guests it will turn into a fairly large and roomy one. The table can consist of two or three rectangular parts. At the same time, the middle one remains stationary, and the side ones can rise or fall. Kitchen wooden sliding tables, which come in oval, round and rectangular shapes, will also be convenient. In this design, parts of the table are moved apart to the sides, and an additional platform comes out in the middle, increasing the size of the table.

Design options for wooden tables

Kitchen tables made of natural wood will ideally fit into classic interiors, and are also suitable for country style. Carved curly legs and carving around the perimeter of the tabletop will look very nice. Solid wood kitchen tables are stylish, expensive and beautiful.

The kitchen table, which includes elements of glass and wood, will perfectly fit into the interior in modern or hi-tech style. Usually this is a product with wooden legs and a base and a glass top. Such a table will go well with kitchen furniture that has elements of glass and metal in its decor.


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