Kitchen table with plastic top

A kitchen table with a plastic top is an excellent interior solution that does not require large material costs. Such a table is suitable for a young family or for installation in a country house, in addition, a bright plastic table top can help create an interior in a certain style: for example, such as pop art or a loft.

Table with plastic top: advantages

The big advantage of plastic kitchen worktops is their low cost compared to similar tables made of glass, natural stone or wood. Such a table, if necessary, can be easily replaced with a new one. The dining table with a plastic top is quite light, which makes it very mobile. For example, it is convenient to use such a table in the country, where it can stand in the kitchen, and on warm spring and summer days it can be taken out into the street or into the gazebo and have meals and tea parties in the open air. The variety of colors, configurations and sizes of these tables allows you to choose exactly what suits your interior. Also, the advantage of such a table can be called simple cleaning requirements: just wipe the countertop with a damp cloth or sponge, and if it is heavily soiled, wash it with soap and water or gel dishwashing detergent.

Disadvantages of plastic countertops

The disadvantage of such a table is a relatively short service life, since the plastic is easily scratched and soon the table begins to look unpresentable. That is why you should not use cleaning powders when cleaning such a table — they act as abrasives and, together with dirt, remove plastic particles, after which scratches appear. Another disadvantage of a plastic countertop is that many substances can leave a stain on the surface that is almost impossible to remove. This is especially true if there are small children in the family — drawings with a felt-tip pen or pen can permanently ruin the look of your table. Also, many are deterred from buying a table made of plastic by a lack of confidence in the environmental safety of this material.

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