Inflatable sofa transformer


Inflatable sofa transformer

Many will be surprised, but the first air mattresses for relaxation were created back in the 19th century. They were filled with hot steam and were intended for use in trains. But the material was then not of very high quality and often let air through, very quickly indignant passengers descended under their weight from a soft bed to a hard seat frame. Only the invention of polyvinyl chloride made it possible to create a modern and high-quality folding inflatable sofa.

Inflatable sofas for rest and sleep

  1. Inflatable sofa bed transformer. We decided to skip the advantages of ordinary rectangular or round air mattresses or sofas in our note, going straight to the description of more advanced transformer products. They are able, at the request of the owner, to instantly change their shape, turning from a wide armchair with soft armrests and a back into a large double bed. Vinyl practically does not wrinkle, tolerates loads well, and endures multiple transformations with firmness. For convenience, many things have a flocked coating that is pleasant to the touch on top. It does not rub off, is extremely soft and has antistatic properties. When deflated, even inflatable sofas with a built-in pump take up very little space, which allows them to be easily placed in a small case or box.
  2. Children’s inflatable sofas. In size, such a chair-bed is smaller than a product for adults, because it is intended for children. The main thing is that this thing can withstand certain loads, because kids love active games and often neglect caution. Most often, manufacturers paint such furniture in bright and catchy colors, apply images of their favorite cartoon or movie characters to the upholstery. In the interior of the children’s room, it looks extremely stylish and modern.
  3. Round and corner inflatable sofa. The rectangular shape does not always suit our owners, even for an inflatable sofa in the unfolded state, quite a lot of space is required. It is not always possible to place a bulky soft bed right in the middle of the room. Corner furniture has been saving the inhabitants of small apartments for a long time, so it is not surprising that triangular or radius-shaped inflatable products appeared very quickly. By the way, the last things are suitable even for a large company. A round folding inflatable sofa with a soft ottoman table in the center will help you to comfortably settle down even in nature, and not just in a warm house.

How to use a sofa transformer?

Many users complain about the short life of such furniture. It looks very solid, but quite quickly many beds silently descend and people find themselves on a hard floor by morning. In one case, the manufacturers who allowed the marriage are to blame, but often the owners themselves make the punctures. Double inflatable sofa transformer will last longer if you follow our advice:

  • do not lie down on such furniture in jeans with rivets, metal zippers;
  • try to keep all domestic animals with claws and teeth away from the inflatable sofa of the transformer;
  • do not let children play on this furniture with paper clips, penknives, scissors, needles, compasses and other sharp objects;
  • you need to inflate an inflatable sofa no more than 80% -90%;
  • be careful near such delicate furniture with lit cigarettes;
  • it is better to buy inflatable sofas from a trusted manufacturer that last longer than cheap products from an unknown company.

Sometimes defective furniture after repair is again put up for sale at a discount, it is better to refrain from such a «profitable» purchase. Most often, sellers do not give a guarantee for it longer than two weeks. Therefore, immediately after purchase, check the item for suitability for use. Inspect the product, fill the transformer inflatable sofa with air and wait a day. If it deflates, then immediately return the purchase back. Here we have described not only the advantages of such products, but also some of the problems that users often have with such products. We hope that this note will help you solve problems, both when buying inflatable furniture, and during its use.


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