Inflatable sofa bed


Inflatable sofa bed

We are all used to the fact that the sofa is solid, heavy and bulky furniture. Moving it to another house or even just rearranging it from place to place is a big problem. However, there is an economical, beautiful and highly mobile alternative to such sofas — an inflatable sofa bed. Thanks to its convenience and versatility, an inflatable sofa can become your favorite piece of furniture.

In terms of quality and comfort, inflatable sofa beds are in no way inferior to furniture from the most famous manufacturers.

Advantages of folding inflatable sofas

If guests come to you, then, having an inflatable sofa bed, you will not have problems with their accommodation. With the help of a special electric pump, you “inflate” the sofa and additional seats are ready. If the guests arrived with an overnight stay, then the same multifunctional inflatable transformer sofa bed will help you out here: it can easily turn into a bed for two with high headrests, a bed for a child or a double deck chair.

When folded, such a transformer takes up very little space and can be stored in any closet or pantry. Moreover, it can be used not only temporarily, but also as stationary furniture and a bedroom, for example, or in a nursery.

Another significant advantage of inflatable sofa beds is their price: they are much cheaper than their stationary counterparts.

The inflatable transformer is very convenient in operation and is simple in leaving. If stains appear on a soft sofa, this will become a big problem, up to replacing the skin. An inflatable sofa will be enough to wipe with a damp cloth, and it will be like new again.

Resting on inflatable furniture is very convenient and comfortable due to the fact that it has some orthopedic effect, repeating the shape of the body lying on it. In addition, the inflatable sofa bed is designed for a sufficiently large weight, so it can easily withstand any person.

The inflatable sofa is covered with a special beautiful and soft material similar to velor, which will prevent your bed linen from slipping.

An inflatable sofa bed can be purchased in a color that will match the overall design of your room. And the classic black transformer, which looks like a leather sofa, will look great in the interior of any room.

Due to the fact that the inflatable sofa is covered with a waterproof fabric, it is convenient to use it on a hike, on a picnic, in the country. In addition, this coating is durable and resistant to temperature effects.


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