Facades of sliding wardrobes


Facades of sliding wardrobes

The usual facade of a sliding wardrobe made of wood does not attract our hostesses. There are many other, more spectacular and attractive options that can turn a cozy bedroom into a real fairy tale. In order to describe all the methods, a huge catalog would be needed, so we limited ourselves to only the most accessible and common materials. In addition to the types described below, there are also combined facades of sliding wardrobes, in which gloss is adjacent to photo printing, a mirror with leather, glass with plastic, but this is already a topic for a separate long note.

Types of facades wardrobe

  1. Sliding wardrobes with glossy facades.
  2. The shiny doors perfectly reflect the light and look extremely attractive. Gloss is applied to the MDF facade for a sliding wardrobe in different ways. You can use PVC film, acrylic paint, varnish coating, plastic. Depending on this, the cost of production can vary greatly. In any case, the furniture will look spectacular and very modern.

  3. Sliding wardrobes with mirror facades.
  4. Such furniture has several advantages at once. You save on a large wall mirror and can easily get dressed, seeing yourself in full growth. It is very beneficial to install a cabinet with a mirror facade in a small room, here it will expand the space and fill the small space with light.

  5. Facades of sliding wardrobes with photo printing.
  6. Now it is easy to make an image on any material. Therefore, photo printing can decorate both mirrored doors and sashes made of chipboard, MDF, even on a relief surface. With this technique, sliding doors turn into a huge artistic canvas that can miraculously transform your apartment.

  7. Facade of the sliding wardrobe lakobel.
  8. The name of this type of coating is very mysterious, but it is deciphered simply. In fact, the facade of such a sliding wardrobe is made of painted glass, on which a special film is additionally applied for reliability. The surface resists scratches and moisture well, and the glass itself is quite easily attached to furniture using adhesives. Its color can be bright, pastel, aggressive, calm, depending on your preferences.

  9. Sandblasted wardrobe fronts.
  10. Here we are dealing with a kind of mirror facade, but pre-finished in a very original way. First, a stencil is applied to the prepared surface and then a jet of air mixed with quartz sand is directed onto it. An uncovered mirror becomes matte, and covered under a stencil, it remains glossy. The drawings created in this way are very interesting, they do not fade and decorate the furniture very beautifully.

  11. Sliding wardrobes with curved facades.
  12. The owners are not always satisfied with the straight lines of their furniture. The sliding wardrobe often has large dimensions and it is not always possible to install it along the wall. In this case, it is better to choose for yourself objects with radius facades of a convex or concave shape that fit better into the interior of the room. They will be the best solution for arranging the corners of your room.

  13. Leather wardrobe front.
  14. It turns out that this material is great for decorating furniture. Usually they are not completely sheathed with facades, but are used in the form of very effective inserts. Furniture leather is quite unpretentious, environmentally friendly, looks expensive and has a large selection of textures. Such chic facades of built-in closets speak of the wealth of the owners, and always make a great impression on guests.


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