Extendable table


Extendable table

Purchasing an extendable table can solve the problem of lack of space, especially in small apartments. In the folded state, such a table will serve for the daily needs of the family, but on holidays and friendly meetings, the unfolded table can easily accommodate all the treats, and everyone can comfortably sit down behind it.

Where can you place an extendable table?

Such a table does not have to be placed in the kitchen, it can also stand in any room and be brought in as needed. For example, in the bedroom, you can make a workplace out of a sliding table, which is easy to clear of papers and take it out into the hall when guests arrive. Sliding tables look very good in the living room, especially if it is large enough. Then, where the table stands, you can arrange a separate dining area for eating. This visually enlarges the space even more. You can also place a table in the living room when the kitchen is very small, and the family is large, and it will be problematic for everyone to fit in this room.

An extendable coffee table is also suitable for the living room. The purchase of this piece of furniture will be a good solution if you have a studio apartment, when the kitchen is combined with a hall or living room. Then the sliding coffee table will become a gathering place for guests, it will be possible to serve a buffet table during parties or equip a mini-bar.

If your kitchen allows you to put not only a small table and a few chairs, then you should pay attention to kitchen corners with sliding tables. This practical choice will solve several problems: it will provide a large surface for receiving many guests, compactness when folded and additional shelves and drawers in which to place kitchen utensils.

Extendable table selection

When choosing a table, you should pay attention to some details. Of course, its size plays a very important role, both folded and unfolded. Large sliding tables are suitable for numerous companies and large rooms, while small ones can easily fit even in a small kitchen.

The shape of the table is determined by the client’s requests, as well as by the maximum number of people that should fit behind it. For large rooms, round or oval dining tables are suitable, while for small rooms, rectangular tables are more suitable.

The material from which the furniture is made must be environmentally friendly and suitable for the overall design of the room. For example, wooden sliding dining tables made of solid wood look very nice, but they are quite heavy, so it is better to place them in the room where the feasts will take place. Wood decor is perhaps the most popular. Even if the table is made of other materials, they are very often finished in such a way that it seems that they are made of wood. Dining sliding tables look very expensive wenge or with its imitation. White sliding tables are also popular. Although now you can pick up an absolute table from any material: glass, plastic, sliding tables made of artificial stone and tiled.

Another important aspect when choosing a sliding table is the operation of the mechanism. When buying, it should not cause any wrangling. The table should be easy to fold and assemble, and this task should be easy to handle, even without much effort. In addition, the sliding mechanism should be as safe as possible.


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