Extendable kitchen table


Extendable kitchen table

Conventionally, all models that exist today are divided into tsar and non-tsar. The tsarga itself is a special frame, which is the basis for the countertop. Almost all models of domestic production have such a frame; modern world manufacturers do not provide for the design of the drawer side. Each option has both strengths and weaknesses. Consider what models of kitchen wooden sliding tables customers in furniture stores can choose.

Sliding table for the kitchen: with or without a frame?

So, to begin with, let’s go through the existing models with a frame. The undoubted advantages of this frame are strength and reliability. As a rule, the accessories in such tables are made of metal, and therefore, even after a dozen years, the manufacturer guarantees that it will withstand dancing on the tables. Unfortunately, there are also some inconveniences. For example, it is in this very tsarga that you will rest with your knee when you cross your legs. The reliability of the design is visible from afar, the one that is sometimes heavy for airy modern interiors.

  1. Models with a central insert. When folded, a seam will be visible in the middle of the table; when unfolded, there will be two of these seams. This insert always lies in a small niche inside the table. If necessary, the two halves move apart and the insert is taken out, then placed in the center. If earlier the fittings were made of wood and the problems with distortions and tight running were constant, then with the advent of the era of metal they are gone.
  2. There are models with a central insert, but with a swivel mechanism. The principle is exactly the same and both parts of the insert are hidden in a niche under the table top. The only thing that spoils the picture a little is another additional seam on the table top when unfolded. Manufacturers claim that this option is easier and more convenient to use.
  3. There are also kitchen wooden sliding tables with the so-called two-layer table top. In the configuration of such a table, the table top is, as it were, folded in two layers, when unfolding, the upper part is removed, and the lower part is opened into two halves. Further, the latter is inserted into the resulting groove, equal to the width of the upper half. With this type, the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe table is doubled.
  4. If you are looking for a small kitchen extendable table, but at the same time roomy when unfolded, your option is a model with moving legs. When folded, it is even difficult to recognize it, but in the second position, outwardly, such a table is not particularly aesthetic. The fact is that it has a small drawback: the transition must be veiled with a tablecloth, and the retractable part is asymmetrical with respect to the opposite part.

As for the bezelless models, these are the latest technologies and completely different types of materials. In such models, glass is usually used, less often wood. If the previous models were quite typical, if not classic, then this option will definitely fit into high-tech styles, minimalism and art deco fashionable today.

The configuration provides guides, the length of which determines the amount by which you can increase the table area. Sometimes it is possible to increase the size by about half. Of course, you can’t say “for centuries” about durability or reliability here, but the quality is quite decent. The only thing that can cause you to think again is the significantly high price.

Sliding table for the kitchen: for everyone he has his own

The most affordable and simple option is a kitchen white sliding table. These are models with an insert, and with retractable legs. As a rule, for small-sized kitchens, a square kitchen white sliding table is chosen; standard rooms may well fit oval or rectangular models.

There are options for the so-called middle price category. There are already many more interesting models with glass inserts, with veneer of different types of wood or MDF furniture with lamination.

And the most expensive option is a kitchenette with a sliding table. This time the price will increase noticeably, since such furniture is often made of solid wood, and the supports themselves are made of forged or chrome-plated metal.


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