Double sofa bed

Owners of small apartments always plan their interior more carefully. In order not to clutter up the space with oversized and not always comfortable classic furniture, many people are happy to use transformers — double sofas, beds, tables or cabinets.

Such furniture is very functional and comfortable. Firstly, it makes it possible to save space in the room, which often becomes a decisive factor when choosing furniture. And secondly, buying one transformer will cost you less than buying two pieces of furniture at once.

One of the most popular 2 in 1 products is the double sofa bed. Such furniture is often purchased for a living room, a nursery or a kitchen-studio. Having bought a folding sofa, you can comfortably accommodate unexpected guests for the night. It should be noted that a double transformer is much more convenient than a small «one and a half» sofa or couch, and many families living in small apartments use it in everyday life.

Varieties of double sofa beds

The practical properties of the sofa directly depend on its content. It can be a spring block with polyurethane foam or other high density material. Moreover, if you plan to use such furniture for daily sleep, experts recommend opting for materials with a higher density.

As is clear from the word «transformer» itself, any sofa bed has a prefabricated structure. In various models, folding mechanisms such as a book, eurobook and click-clack are used, and so-called roll-out beds are also often found.

Sofa beds also differ in material. They can be represented by leather or leatherette, as well as various types of fabrics (jacquard, velor, calico, chenille and others). Always choose the most practical material, especially if you have small children in your family, but at the same time try to make the sofa fit well into the interior of the room. For example, a leather double sofa bed is suitable for an English-style room or, say, a high-tech living room.

And, finally, sofas can be very different in design — so much so that it’s simply impossible to list them all. The modern choice of folding double sofa beds is very wide and allows you to find exactly the option that you like and can afford.

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