Double bed-transformer


Double bed-transformer

A multifunctional transforming bed can be a great way to save space in the bedroom. One product combines several items in the most unexpected ways. This is a great alternative to the often uncomfortable sofa, which takes up significantly less space than a comfortable double bed. Modern manufacturers have made sure that you do not have to make such a difficult choice in favor of the sofa. Let’s consider in more detail how this is possible.

Variants of a double bed-transformer

In order to save maximum space in the bedroom, you can think about installing a convertible double bed. We are talking about a product that has a lifting mechanism. With its help, the bed rises in the morning and hides in a niche in the wall, imitating a closet, and falls down at night. Thus, during the day there is a lot of space in the room, it can be effectively used for a variety of needs. Such a vertical double transforming bed fits perfectly in the closet, and when it comes time to sleep, it transforms into a horizontal one with a slight movement of the hand. The main thing here is to take care of a high-quality and easy-to-use transformation mechanism, on which the functionality of the bed directly depends. Such a double wardrobe-bed transformer is an excellent choice for one-room apartments or very small rooms.

To further optimize the space, you can opt for a symbiosis of bed, wardrobe and table. Thus, a room can be a bedroom at night, and a study during the day. Transformation mechanisms may be different. Firstly, the option already described above is used, when the bed leaves the closet for the night. In this case, the table is lifted up with the help of another mechanism, and during the day it is lowered to the place of the bed. Secondly, you can hide the table in the closet, and lower the bed from the ceiling down and vice versa. Or, thirdly, with the help of a pre-designed mechanism, swap the bed and the table: lower the bed and raise the table at night, and do the opposite in the morning. In any case, a transformer double bed-table is a convenient and far from difficult thing to implement.

A good way to combine both the bedroom and the living room in one room is a double bed-wardrobe-sofa transformer. In this case, the bed should be high enough to fit the sofa under it when folded. During the day, the bed is hidden in a closet, and a sofa unfolds in its place. In the evening, when it’s time to sleep, the sofa is folded, and the bed from the closet is lowered from above. It turns out very convenient, non-standard and functional.

Children’s double bed-transformer

If there is only one children’s room, and there are at least two children in the family, the question will definitely arise: how to organize their sleeping places fairly and correctly? The answer is simple — you need to pay attention to the transforming beds.

Most often, parents buy retractable children’s beds. Their mechanism is quite simple — the lower level of the product is under the upper one during the day, and moves forward at night, forming a double bed. You can also use the folding mechanism and hide the bed in a special niche-wardrobe in the morning. However, if children are of different sexes or have a big difference in age, it becomes uncomfortable for them to actually sleep on the same bed. In this case, a bunk bed connected by a ladder can be a good way out. By the way, convenient drawers for linen, clothes and toys can be installed at the bottom and side of such a product, making the bed also a substitute for a wardrobe or chest of drawers.


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