Children's beds with sides

The safe sleep of the baby is a matter of concern for all responsible parents. And this is not surprising, because many children sleep quite restlessly, constantly tossing and turning, moving around the bed. Therefore, in order to avoid all sorts of injuries that are possible when a child falls during sleep, such a useful thing as a restrictive side for a children’s bed was invented. Depending on the age of the child, it can be on one side, or it can enclose a sleeping place around the perimeter. Basically, parents use cribs with sides from the moment the baby is born and up to 3-4 years, but all this, of course, is very individual.

What are children’s beds with sides?

There are several basic types of such beds. For example, one of the most popular is an ordinary children’s bed with high railings and sides on the sides. The bed can be of different colors, have a beautiful, thematic pattern, which the baby will definitely appreciate. For example, products in the form of cars or decorated with floral ornaments, images of animals, fairy-tale characters are popular. It all depends on the gender, age and interests of the child. In such beds, there are usually convenient drawers for linen or toys below, which significantly saves space in the nursery.

It is advantageous to purchase children’s beds with removable sides that can be used for several years in a row. When the child is very small, the bumpers will protect him from possible injuries, and when he grows up, the protection can be completely removed. Another option is to remove one section of the side at the feet of the baby so that he can freely leave the bed when he wakes up. For standard beds, wooden sides are suitable, they are environmentally friendly and will fit perfectly into any interior. A wooden side for a baby bed is the basis for a sound and safe sleep for the whole family.

It often happens that parents want to combine both a sofa and a child’s bed in one product. In this case, you can opt for a high-quality, orthopedic folding children’s sofa bed, which must be with sides. This option may even please the baby more, because the entire perimeter of the product will be soft, you can lean on the back or side even without a pillow. When unfolded, such sofas become soft children’s beds with sides, which can be wonderfully beaten with non-standard colors, patterns or shapes.

A product for the little ones — a children’s bed with high sides

The safety of newborn babies and toddlers up to a year old is what is key in caring for these crumbs. Children at this age sleep quite a lot and generally spend time in the “lying” position. Therefore, the bed is an extremely important thing in their life. You need to choose products with high sides, consisting of thin rods. It is not recommended to buy a bed with solid side sheets, because in this case the little explorer will not be able to see what is happening around. It is most convenient that the bottom of the bed or the sides can be adjusted in 2-3 positions, so that when the child grows up and learns to stand on his feet, there is no risk of falling out of the crib. And up to six months, it is quite possible to lower the protection lower so that parents do not have to bend over too low each time for the baby and strain their backs.

It would be advisable to attach protective soft sides around the perimeter of the crib to protect the child from possible injuries and drafts. When the baby becomes more active, you can leave such protection only on the half of the bed, in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bhis head, and on the other, open side, he will be able to study the environment.

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