Children’s bed «dolphin»


Children's bed

Beds with the «dolphin» mechanism became a part of many interiors several decades ago. The essence of the mechanism is that the seat of a spacious sofa rises, horizontally stretches and unfolds, transforming into a full-fledged double bed. A bed with a dolphin mechanism can become not only a comfortable sleeping place for adults, but also suitable for children.

Sofa bed «dolphin»

A comfortable place to relax, which can be turned into a bed for one in a matter of seconds, is an excellent solution for small children’s rooms. The child will be able to fold and unfold the bed on their own, since the mechanism is very easy to operate. In addition, the «dolphin» bed is usually made of MDF, which means it is absolutely safe for health.

For children’s rooms with a larger area, it is acceptable to install a dolphin corner sofa-bed with drawers, but usually such a large piece of furniture does not find full use in rooms of this kind. An ideal place for a corner sofa would be the living room.

Loft bed «dolphin»

In beds of this kind, the classic mechanism has changed: when the seat is raised, the sofa does not unfold horizontally, but stretches vertically upwards, as a result, instead of a spacious double bed, we get two single beds within the framework of the dolphin bunk bed.

Armchair-bed «dolphin»

You can make the bed even more compact in a room for one child. In this case, a chair-bed will have to come to the rescue, the seat of which rises and unfolds into a small bed for one, fully corresponding to its full-size «sofa» counterpart. For children, such pieces of furniture are usually decorated with bright prints or colored patches, which makes the dolphin children’s bed even more interesting for the little ones.


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