Chair-bed for children


Chair-bed for children

Sooner or later, the time comes when a high-sided safety crib becomes too small for the baby, and you need to think about how to effectively replace it. For small children’s rooms, an excellent solution may be to purchase a children’s folding chair-bed, which will be a comfortable seat during the day and a sleeping place at night. Such modern pieces of furniture are usually equipped with comfortable orthopedic mattresses, which will have a positive effect on the emerging posture of the child. In addition, a compact baby bed can be a great solution for those parents who have to share their bedroom with a child.

Advantages and design features of child seat beds

Most often, the chair is transformed into a bed using a mechanism called «accordion», that is, it moves forward. Therefore, you need to install it in such a place in the room that there is enough space in front. For the smallest children, it is good if the child seat bed is with sides that will protect the kids from possible falls in their sleep. And during the day, thanks to the sides on the chair, it will be much more comfortable to sit, especially if you put a pillow of a suitable design on it.

The chair-bed in the children’s room has a number of advantages, the most important of which are compactness and functionality. Also, depending on the design, these chairs can be equipped with drawers in which it is convenient to store a bed or toys, which will save a lot of space. Another plus of these beds is the simplicity of the folding mechanisms. Even a child will not be difficult to transform his chair into a comfortable bed. It is not worth saving when choosing this piece of furniture, because the mechanism must be not only simple, but also reliable, especially if the chair will be laid out daily.

The chair-bed can be installed in one of the corners of the room, placed under the wall or even in the center, and everywhere it will harmoniously fit into the interior. When choosing such a product for a child, it must be remembered that its upholstery must be made of safe, environmentally friendly fabrics. Another important issue is the strength of the frame and the orthopedic mattress of the chair, which will ensure a healthy and sound sleep.

Children’s chair-beds for boys and girls

What else such chairs are good for is a possible bright and memorable coloring. This piece of furniture alone can clearly indicate what gender the child lives in the house. And for kids it is so interesting to have something of their own, personal, with an interesting design and bright coloring.

For example, a child’s bed for a boy can be upholstered with the image of cars, robots, airplanes and other purely boyish things. For example, images of characters from the cartoons «Cars» and «Flyers» are very popular. For teenage boys, a solid color chair will be more acceptable, because they are trying their best to look like adults. Therefore, the upholstery can be blue, blue, green, gray and other favorite colors.

Children’s chair-beds for girls are generally a separate conversation, there is a huge field for fantasy flight. For example, you can buy a chair in the form of a throne for a princess in pink or crimson. Girls adore the image of animals on their things, as well as heroes from their favorite cartoons and fairy tales. As for the colors, these are all shades of pink, red, white, green, yellow. It all depends on the tastes of the child, because the main thing is that the owner likes the thing.


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