Such a piece of furniture as a transformer wardrobe can be an excellent solution for small apartments. It gives a lot of space and, at the same time, has many shelves for storing various items. Such cabinets can be combined with beds, tables, sofas and other pieces of furniture necessary in the room.

Transforming wardrobe with table

A table integrated into the cabinet is the simplest solution when space is limited. This is especially true for children’s rooms, where the table is necessary when the child is learning lessons or drawing, and during outdoor games it is removed and frees up the necessary space. Furniture children’s wardrobes-transformers with tables can have a different configuration depending on what function the cabinet performs and what the table is used for. So it can be a folding table on the principle of a secretary, at which a child can learn lessons, while books and necessary educational supplies are conveniently located on the shelves open above the table.

A sliding wardrobe can be a transformer with a niche for a computer, then the monitor and the system unit are placed behind the sliding doors of the cabinet, and the keyboard and mouse are placed on a special pull-out shelf, which also plays the role of a table. Above the computer and on the sides of it there may be shelves on which the child can place his things or books. A transforming bookcase is also most often connected to a regular or computer desk.

Transforming wardrobe with sofa or bed

Another use for transforming wardrobes is as storage space for daytime beds. It can be folded during the day and be a sofa, which is framed by cabinets and shelves on both sides, and at night the whole structure unfolds and turns into a comfortable sleeping place.

The closet can be connected to the bed and so that, when raised by the day, the bed takes the form of another section of the closet, its lower part is even sometimes made in the form of closet doors with imitation handles. A transforming wardrobe can hide even a bunk bed. Often a shelf is made on top, in which bedding can be removed during the day. Such transformer cabinets decorated in bright colors look very interesting. With their help, you can even create an interesting daytime interior solution in the room. For example, a bed with a headboard painted in bright red, yellow or green can be the only bright spot in a minimalist interior, or it can be combined with other furnishings in a pop art room.


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