Bunk sofa-transformer


Bunk sofa-transformer

When it comes to the issue of compactness of furniture in the interior, any tricks that the human brain is capable of come into play. So, folding sofa beds and beds, which are mounted in the wall, folding tables and beds in two tiers, once came into fashion. The latter have become especially popular in children’s and teenage interiors. Now, the optimization of living space has stepped one level higher, and folding bunk sofas have come into fashion — a godsend not only for children and teenagers, but also for those who have already crossed the second ten.

Children’s bunk sofa

For children, a transforming sofa is not just a comfortable sleeping place, but also a playground. What fun to climb up and down the stairs, traveling between tiers, and then fold and unfold the sofa with your parents. Bright designs and interesting upholstery textures will make a bunk sofa not only a comfortable bed for two children who have to share one room, but also a harmonious addition to a cheerful interior.

Bunk sofa for teenager

For a teenager, a bunk sofa-transformer can become a multifunctional purchase. Bright, stylish and ergonomic, it is a complete sleeping place for two and a training station at the same time. Corner bunk sofas do an excellent job with the latter role: when unfolded, the corner part performs its primary function, and the central part forms a single bed on the second tier and a desktop on the first.

Designs of such sofas are developed taking into account the changeable taste of a teenager. Such a sleeping place completely passes for an adult, but contains light, bright and modern elements that immediately evoke associations with youth.

Bunk sofa for adults

You should not think that a bunk bed can become the property of only those who have not yet exceeded twenty. For an adult, such an acquisition becomes functional not only if guests come to the house who have nowhere to put them for the night, but also when several adults are forced to share a small room. Such a sleeping place will not clutter up an already small room: during the day, an elegant sofa can perform its usual functions, and before going to bed, it is enough to use convenient telescopic mechanisms to turn it into a comfortable sleeping place.


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