Bunk beds for children

Who as a child did not dream of sleeping on a bunk bed? And if you have twins or children growing up in your family, then the issue of choosing beds is very important. Why don’t you combine business with pleasure and buy a bunk bed for your children.

Benefits of bunk beds

In a small room, a bunk bed saves a lot of space. In addition, children really like to sleep on such a bed and play on it with their friends. Buying a bunk bed will cost you much less than buying two single beds. In addition, a bunk bed can be a functional piece of furniture.

Types and designs of bunk beds

Bunk beds can be both stationary and transformable. Stationary two-story wooden beds are particularly durable and reliable, since their parts are rigidly fastened into a single system. Most often, their design involves the presence of two beds of the same size, fastened together by one frame.

If you need a bed for children of different ages, then you can choose the option with beds of different widths: the bottom bed is wider than the top one. Alternatively, the bottom bed can be perpendicular to the top.

A bunk bed with a sofa below is comfortable for both teenagers and small children. In the lower part there is a comfortable soft sofa, and at the top there is a standard bed. In some models of such bunk beds, the sofa can be a transformer, unfolding into another place to sleep. If you choose a bed for a small child, it will be more convenient if the ladder on it is made in the form of wide steps with drawers inside. So it will be easier for the child to climb up, and there will be additional space for things.

An excellent option for girls and boys would be a children’s two-story loft bed with a table and a locker located below. For schoolchildren, such a bed will be convenient, at the bottom of which there is a place for classes with a table and a computer. And for kids, you can choose the option with a play area and a slide.

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